How to Fix the Nintendo Switch Dock not Working

Gaming has become one of the most promising industries in the world. This blog is about an issue called Nintendo switch dock not working. The gaming industry has become so advanced that people have now got several ways to play games. Among all those media, gaming consoles are the most popular. Talking of the gaming consoles, Nintendo is not the name that needs an introduction. 

Recently, I found that a lot of users are facing the issue of Nintendo switch dock not working. I found that a countless number of users from all around the world have asked for the solution to this issue on various forums all across the internet. We are going to discuss all the possible fixes that you may apply to get rid of this issue. But before we jump to the solutions to this issue, it is necessary that understand the causes behind this error. 

What’s the reason behind this issue?

The switch dock is used to charge your Nintendo switch. There may be several reasons behind a non-working switch dock. One of the most probable reasons is the cable not providing enough power to the switch dock. In some cases, there is a fault in the switch dock and this may hinder it from working. 

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Now that you are aware of the reasons behind this issue, it is time that you know about the ways to fix it. In this section of the blog, we are going to list out several ways that you can try. One of them must work for you. Let us have a look at the solutions mentioned below:

Make sure that your power cable is working fine

  • As you already know that the switch dock helps in connecting the Nintendo switch to your TV or the charging port. If there is some fault in the cable, you may face the issue of Nintendo switch dock not working. If you are using some other power cable, switch to the original power cable provided by Nintendo. And you have to check whether the cable is connected properly and the cable should not be outdated enough.

  • After you have checked the cable, and the connection, as well as the quality of the cable, is also fine, you should use some other power outlet. There is a chance that your cables are fine but the power outlet is faulty. Disconnect the power cable from the extension board and connect to the individual power outlet.

  • You can try the options mentioned below in case the problem mentioned above didn’t solve your issue. 

It’s time to check your HDMI cable

  • In many cases, the Nintendo switch works properly but the problem lies in the connection between the Nintendo switch and the TV. Here, you need to check the connection between the TV and the Nintendo Switch. As you know that the Nintendo switch is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable. You can face the Nintendo switch dock not working issue if you have a faulty HDMI cable.

  • You can check it very easily by using the same HDMI cable to connect the Nintendo switch with a device other than the TV. Nintendo switch will work well when your cable is working properly.

  • You should move on to the next solution mentioned below in case your problem persists.

  • While you are checking this cable, you should also look for the other cables whether they are connected in proper order. Before checking it, make sure that you have disconnected your Nintendo switch from the main power outlet. 

Power cycle the setup

  • When all the solutions mentioned above are not enough to solve your problem, this is the option that you should try. Power cycling your setup may get back your Nintendo switch to the default state and you will be successful in getting rid of the Nintendo switch dock not working issue. Here are the instructions that you should follow to do it:
  • Disconnect your Nintendo switch from the main power outlet. After you have disconnected the Nintendo switch from the power outlet, you should disconnect the HDMI cable that is connected to the TV.

  • Now press and hold the power button of the Nintendo switch for at least 15 minutes. After 15 seconds, you can release this button. 
  • Now, wait for another 30-40 seconds. It is very essential to wait for these 30-40 seconds because, in this time, the process of power cycling is initiated.

  • Now you are free to connect your Nintendo switch to the TV and then connect it to the power outlet. 
  • This fix is very necessary to ensure the right configuration of your set up. When you are unable to solve this issue even after trying the fix mentioned above, it is sure that there is something wrong with the hardware components. 

How to deal with the hardware issues

  • In many cases, this problem arises because of hardware issues. In cases, the Nintendo dock has some hardware issues. This can be solved by going to the Nintendo service center. You will get a free repair when the warranty is valid. You will stop getting this issue if after the repair. 

Check the HDMI port of your TV

  • You can have difficulty connecting the Nintendo switch to the TV with a faulty HDMI port. You should check it before trying any other solutions. Check the quality of the HDMI port by connecting a device other than the Nintendo switch to the same HDMI port. Any device will not connect to the TV when the port is not working properly. 


We have discussed many ways to solve your issue of the Nintendo switch dock not working. One of those solutions must work for you. Those who are unable to solve this issue even after trying all the solutions mentioned above should reach out to the customer care service of the Nintendo Switch.

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