Purple Weed Strains Effects

The Purple hued marijuana strain has always been a joy to look at. The stunning purple is something not ordinarily seen by the common marijuana user. For a beginner, seeing any of the purple weed strains usually leaves a mesmerizing look on their faces as if this were the first time they have seen one, and most probably, yes, it’s their first time to see one.

Before we discuss further, we would like to mention that the color purple has anything to do with a common effect. There are a lot of purple strains in the market and each has its own set of characteristic effects. There is no one common effect for all purple strains. If you want to give the purple bud a taste, there are many available, you can buy marijuana online.

So what makes the weed purple? It is the substance called anthocyanin, a pigment or coloring which is present not only in weed but also in fruits, vegetables, and even flowers. This pigment is part of the flavonoid pigment group which is responsible for giving that distinctive color in plants by reacting with other chemicals present in the plant. And depending on the pH of the plant, the colors may vary from purple to lavender to bluish and even blackish.

Some people claim to have found the technique in making any weed grow purple buds or leaves. Let’s take a look at a few myths.

Purple Weed Myths

  • Deprive them of oxygen – could be a marketing gimmick but not true at all. Oxygen deprivation will not turn your weed into purple. Like all living things, Weed will need oxygen to grow properly and produce a healthy plant.
  • Load them up with Nitrogen – this will cause fertilizer burn if given more than the required amount of nitrogen needed. Nitrogen is used for chlorophyll production, and nitrogen makes the plant greener not purple
  • Changing the Light Schedule – plants need a certain number of hours of light especially in its vegetative stage, limiting the light exposure will only stunt the growth of your plant.
  • CO2 Deprivation – CO2 is needed by the plant to undergo photosynthesis, thus the more CO2 exposure the plant has, the faster and healthier it will grow.
  • Change the Soil Mix – The soil contains the essential nutrients needed by the plant to thrive, changing the medium will cause transplant shock where the composition and quantity of nutrients in the new medium will differ from the previous one making the plant adapt to the new soil sometimes causing irreparable harm to the plant.

Blindly following these myths without properly consulting experienced weed growers or doing your basic research will not result in purple-colored weed but rather it will result in having an unhappy and unhealthy plant.

Effects and Benefits of Purple Weed

Like I mentioned earlier, there is no common effect from smoking purple weed.  Among the various purple weed strains out there, all have their distinct effect which makes them stand out. The same thing with benefits you get from smoking purple weed, there are various benefits you can get from smoking weed, but the purple-colored ones in particular? No common benefit can be attributed to its being purple. Getting the same effects and benefits from smoking purple weed is not much different from smoking white-colored or the normal green weed, or even the fiery red-orange weed. Effects and benefits vary depending on the strain of the weed you use, not it’s color. Any extra effect or benefit claimed by others could just probably because of the state they are in.

There is no evidence or scientific backed data that will claim that purple cannabis will offer something different just because it is purple. It is all about the strain of the weed and its existing cannabinoids and terpene profile.

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