SAT Exam

Get to Prepare Yourself with these Tips for the SAT Exam!

SAT exam is a little overwhelming if you have an idea of taking it. Usually, the test is recommended for the students who wanted to pursue their higher studies and so they need to start working on their model tests or other sample exams before they appear for the actual SAT examination.

With the SAT date approaching candidates to need to take many strategies to perform well in the exam to pick colleges. But the next question would be where to start? What is a good sat score 2020? And what kind of materials should we study? For all these queries, preparing and practicing well on the subjects is the best answer. 

Here are some of the preparatory tips for the SAT exam:

  • Diagnose skills much earlier 

If you have registered for the SAT exam, then it means it is time to prepare well in advance. But in case you haven’t done it yet, it is necessary to diagnose six months before the test of where you stand regarding the knowledge of the subjects to plan accordingly. So this test might help you to plan a lot and if you have to learn skills, then you need to start your preparation a little early than you planned.

  • Solve the maths mentally

As the SAT exams do not allow using the calculator, it is necessary to speed up your calculation part so you need not get stuck doing equations using the paper and some pencil beside. Try solving the simple problems using the brain like a calculator and so you might save a lot of time on the day of the test.

  • Turn the pages of Grammar 

SAT contains a verbal section that is filled with grammar and while other parts have to do with pictures and questions, few rely on the grammar part. Though you might get dread the learning process of grammar, it is the easiest part you can improve while preparing for the SAT exam.

  • Practice a few model tests

We recommend the candidates to take a full timed model test before and after studying. This might help you to get familiar with the terms and patterns of the paper. By doing so you get to know where you get stuck and unaware of the part of the SAT exam. It gives a sense of the time you take to finish the test and help you to speed your preparation.

  • Read a lot outside the box

As the SAT exam pattern is filled with reading long passages, your brain might get tired or remain out of energy. To avoid this, try reading similar kinds of paragraphs outside the book to keep your mind active in the SAT exam. It is advisable to pick a magazine or newspaper to learn some non-fiction parts in it.

The other preparatory tips for the SAT exam include:

  • Use many SAT preparatory materials
  • Don’t stress your mind and be active before preparing for the exam
  • Familiarize with the instructions for each section of SAT 
  • Don’t read anything before the test night
  • Try to study with an SAT partner
  • Increase your vocabulary


If you have decided to take up the SAT exam, preparation is the key to make the scores work in your favor. The best way to prepare and practice your SAT is to follow the above tips. All you need to do is just follow those tips and get succeed.

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