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Here Is How You Find the Best Immigration Lawyer In the USA

Immigrating to the US is one of the most desirable things for people from around the world. Getting the immigration done is not as easy as it sounds. You may have heard of many cases where this process takes longer than usual the process is left incomplete after all. This article is going to help you a lot in finding the right immigration lawyer in the US. Let us have a look at the top ones in this category one by one and see which one suits your needs. 

Mark Davies

The founder of Davies & Associates is one of the best firms in this category of assisting investment businesses. Many firms of this category have grown to an international level and Davies & Associates has played its part in the growth of those businesses. The active work of Mark Davies as the chairman of Lawyers without Borders and several other boards has given him outstanding recognition. In case someone is looking for immigration-related work, Mark Davies is one of the best options that you should choose from. 

Jennifer Hermansky

She is from Greenberg Traurig and specializes in employment-based immigration practices. With this specialization, people find her to be one of the crucial choices available in the US. Whether it be structuring your EB-5 transactions or getting help in the compliance of your ongoing EB-5, you will greatly benefit from Jennifer Hermansky. 

Kate Kalmykov

Kate is the co-chairman of Greenberg Traurig’s for immigration and compliance practices. You need to go no further if in the search for such services from a competent lawyer. The world of immigration is not so simple and easy but pretty diverse. There are many equity funds and other projects that require EB-5 investments. Luckily, Kate Kalmykov has experience in this wide range of immigration-related matters. Those in need of a US green card can also opt for the service of Kate Kalmykov in Greenberg Traurig. 

Rakesh Patel

Rakesh is among the founding members of the Patel Law Group and serves as the managing partner of this firm as well. A bright graduate of the University of Oklahoma has a law firm based in Irving, Texas. His extensive experience of 18 years in this field. Based on the sources, Patel came into the works related to EB-5-related programs in the year of 2015. Just in the span of the last 7-8 years, Patel has represented a large number of investors from different countries of the world. Whether you are in search of a regional center or direct investments, Rakesh Patel is one of the best options to go for. 

David Van Vooren

David Van Vooren works with David Hirson & Partners LLP and is an immigration lawyer of a kind. The range of services related to immigration that you can get here includes EB-5 immigration investor program matters along the regional formulations, corporate structuring, financing, etc. Even if you need a security attorney, David Van Vooren is one of the best options that you have. David is outstanding in many ways because of his work experience with the international law firm especially in the field of immigration-related practice. The overall experience of David is around a decade and that is why you can rely on him for your works related to immigration.    

Vivian Zhu

She is a partner at Wolfsdorf Rosenthal LLP which is one of the most reputed firms for immigration-related works. She is good for this service simply because she supervises the EB-5 team of WR Immigration. With such a speciality, you will be getting all the privileges that one need in such tasks. The range of services that you get here is very broad and diverse as compared to the other options that we have mentioned above. You can reach here if you have issues requiring mandamus litigation, age-out(complex) cases, and many more. You may consider visiting their official website for more details related to their compatibility and credibility-related research. 

Samuel Newbold

Samuel is the chairperson of the CSG Law firm for Immigration Law Group. This firm is pretty famous for delivery expedited delivery in terms of Eb-5 and other related cases. Apart from this, CSG has successfully served on the American Immigration Lawyers Association National EB-5 Committee. Samuel Newbold is also the founder of a blockchain-based fund administration platform called EB-5 Proxy. CSG Law and Samuel Newbold are both familiar names in the field of immigration law practices. 

Final words

We have given many good names indeed if you need consultation and support in your immigration-related work. There are a large number of things you need to know before making the final decision because things can have serious consequences. That is why we presented you with all the vital information that you need to choose the right firm. We hope this article helps you get the right immigration lawyer in the US.

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