Fix the Roblox Error Code 524

Internet gaming has become a sensation now. Platforms like Roblox have also got very popular. This blog discusses the ways to solve the Roblox error code 524. As you know very well that Roblox is one of the best platforms where millions of people interact with each other and play games. But people from different places also keep on facing several issues with this technology on a regular basis.

Though the later sections of this blog will tell you about different solutions to this issue but you should know about the causes behind this problem before you jump to the solutions section. The next few paragraphs of this article will tell you about the problem in detail. 

What is this Roblox error code 524 and its possible causes?

Whenever someone faces this error, they are barred from joining the game. This error occurs mostly when you try to connect to a VIP server. Someone who creates a game on Roblox has the authority to decide who will join this game. If the server of that game has been marked as VIP by the author then, only the selected members can join it and all the others will get the Roblox error code 524. 

There is nothing to worry about if you are facing this issue, as it can be solved very easily in a few steps. The list given below will give you some ideas about the reasons behind this error. 

  1. VIP server: This is the main reason behind getting the error code 524. Many game creators make the game accessible to particular people. In such a case, you won’t be able to access the game.
  2. Connection Timeout: This is also a reason behind it. If the connection times out then, you may face this issue. There is a specified way that all the servers around the world follow. When the time involved in fetching data from a server is more than specified the connection is aborted automatically and you have to restart the whole process. You must have faced this issue in many other cases as well. 

What are the possible solutions to the roblox error code?

Now that you are aware of the problem and the reasons behind it, you should know about the solutions to fix it. This section of the blog is completely dedicated to the fixes that can be applied very easily from the user side. Go ahead and take a look at the solutions available and see which one suits you. 

Starting a new server: 

  • This is the first way that you should try for getting rid of this issue. Many users have stopped getting this error after they started a new server for a game on Roblox. If you don’t know how to do it, the instructions given below may help you a lot and you can very easily do it with the help of a trusted VPN. Follow the instructions mentioned below to do it:
  • Launch the Roblox player on your device.

  • Click on the Game section and choose the game of your wish.

  • Somewhere around the bottom of the screen, you will find a chat button, click on it.

  • Now invite at least 5 of your friends using this feature.

  • Once they have joined the game, you leave the party.

  • After repeating the same step a few times, you will able to start your own server on Roblox. 
  • In cases, people are able to get rid of their roblox error code 524 by doing it. It must work for you too. In case you didn’t get good results from this error, you should try the next fix mentioned below.

Try to get a VIP invitation from someone:

  • This solution has worked all the time. You should try it if you want sure results. If you get an invitation from someone who is already connected to the VIP server, your problem will be solved in a moment. Those who don’t know how to do it should read the instructions mentioned below:
  • After you have launched the Roblox player on your device, open the Roblox Settings.

  • Tap on the option named Privacy Settings.

  • In this part of the Settings, you will see the option “Who can invite me to a VIP server?”

  • If you have selected Friends, you should choose Everyone instead of it.

  • After completing the steps mentioned above, click on OK and then Apply. Now you have saved the changes that you have made so far. 
  • All the necessary changes have been made. Your next step would be to find a friend who has already joined the VIP server. You can find one very easily if YouTube streams of that game. 
  • Send a request to them after you have found one.

  • Once they accept your request, you will be able to play that game on the VIP server. 

Install a fresh copy of Roblox on your device:

  • This solution is the ultimate one if any of the solutions mentioned above didn’t work for you. You may face the roblox error code 524 if there is some problem with the Roblox software that you have installed on your device. It can be very easily solved by installing a fresh copy of Roblox on your device. But you must uninstall the existing version of it before you install a fresh copy. The instructions mentioned below will guide you through the process to do it:
  • Click on the gear icon above the Power button to open Settings.

  • Now a list will open on the screen showing all the applications that have been installed on your PC.

  • Find Roblox in that list and left-click on it.

  • Click on the Uninstall button from the context menu. 
  • After you have uninstalled this application from your PC, follow the steps mentioned below to install a fresh and updated copy of this application on your device. 
  • Open any browser on your device and go to the official Roblox site.

  • After you have found the game that you were looking for, click on it.

  • Roblox will ask you to join, click on it. Now you will be allowed to download the Roblox App.

  • Download it and when the application is installed on your PC, join the server again. 


We have mentioned all the possible solutions to fix your issue of roblox error code 524. In case, you are unable to solve it then, you need some professional help. The best assistance that you can get is by reaching the official customer support portal of roblox. 

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