Best Muscular Dog Breeds For Passionate Dog Lovers

One can find assortments of dog breeds with diverse proportions, shapes, and sizes. From small size to large, and from upright to terrible one. If you wish for a dog who will sit on your lap and with whom you will be most relaxed then go for calm dogs, and if you desire splendid giants then muscular dog breeds will be best for you.

As the name hints, muscular dogs are those dogs who are influential, strong, and of course muscular and muscle dogs. Some dog lovers even go for well-built muscular, robust, and striking dogs. Today, for those fanatical dog lovers we are going to furnish you with a list of the best muscular dog breeds.

Here in this editorial, we have mentioned top muscular dog breeds along with some of its features like height, weight, life span, and breed group and to adjoin more in sequence, we have described their personalities as well.

Without any delay let’s move on to the topic,

The American Pit Bull Terrier

Breed Group:- Companion Breed Group

Height:- 17” to 22”

Weight:- 55 to 70 lbs

Life Span:- 10 to 12 years

If you are incisive for the best muscular dogs then go for the American Pit Bull Terrier as it comes in the first spot of the list. If you offer them all the mandatory diet which is desirable then you will be stunned after getting the result. Because of their muscular personality, habitually, they are used to fight one another, which proscribed. But now their sporty capability is used in sports like weight pulling and dock jumping. Apart from this, because of their search, rescue power, and trustworthiness towards the owners, makes them one of the best police protection breed.

The American Staffordshire Terrier

Breed Group:- Terrier Group

Height:- 17” to 19”

Weight:- 40 to 60 lbs

Life Span:- 10 to 15 years

The next paramount muscular dog is the American Staffordshire Terrier. This breed shares its traits and temperature and is parallel to the American Pit Bull Terrier. They are also notorious for their teasing nature. Apart from this, they are also eminent because of their vigorous and wild manner personality, solid structure, agility, and even for the finest routine given in the dog shows. This muscle dog breed is pretty dangerous and is required to maintain in cold temperatures during summer days because, they have a low forbearance for outdoor temperature.

Doberman Pinschers

Breed Group:- Working Group

Height:- 24” to 28”

Weight:- 77 to 99 lbs

Life Span:- 9 to 12 years

They are chiefly trained to execute the functions of guard and police dogs. But their impressive personalities have overwhelmed many dog lovers so they have trained them as family pets. While receiving the training, they are awfully responsive and mentally alert. You will often watch the Doberman Pinschers on dog shows, movies, television and many more.

Boxers Muscle Dog

Breed Group:- Working Group

Height:- 21” to 25”

Weight:- 55 to 71 lbs

Life Span:- 9 to 15 years

The American Boxers owes the derivation to the Mastiff type of dogs and a gorgeous family dog. They are dreadfully willful, energetic and headstrong, and especially doubtful of strangers. These qualities make them qualified guard dogs. Their jaws are strapping and hence, they have a prevailing bite. Therefore, they maintain hanging on the large prey. They are incredibly strong and active and require steady exercise to avoid bad behavior like licking, digging, and chewing. According to the studies, in the United States, they are in the 7th position in the list of the most popular breed of dogs. Therefore, you should go for a superior training session so that you cannot lose control over your dog.


Breed Group:- Working Group

Height:- 22” to 27”

Weight:- 77 – 132 lbs

Life Span:- 8 to 10 years

A dog with great herding and defensive skills is vaguely aggressive towards other animals. You will necessitate being firm and convinced while giving them training. They were worn to pull carts and herd the livestock, but then they also worked as rescue and police dogs. They have harsh looks but a big soft heart. You will adore having them around. Make certain you give them training and socializing them at a premature age is a must. Confident, intelligent and loyal are some of its personality traits.

Dogo Argentino

Breed Group:- Working Group

Height:- 24” to 27”

Weight:- 80 to 100 lbs

Life Span:- 10 to 12 years

Dogo Argentino, a mastiff breed dog, bred for hunting. They are sufficiently brave and tough dogs to pick up a fight with superior animals and conquer them too. They will do everything for their master and loved ones, and this builds them loyal as well as best guard dogs. But this smart adequate muscular dog requests eminence time with its owner, in order to stay calm and well-mannered. It doesn’t have a six-pack body, but it is muscular sufficient to magnetize the eyes of many.

Final Outcome:-

All you require is a Muscular dog with you to guard yourself against dangers and have the awareness of people (oh, by the way, attention will be towards your dog, not you!). Above were the muscular dog breeds that formulate an exceptional companion as well as a guard dog. Hurry up & finalize that is your type!

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