How to fix Frigidaire e64 Error Code

When it comes to household electrical appliances, frigidaire is the first name that comes into our minds. We are going to talk about frigidaire e64 error code in this blog.

If a company is big enough and sells to many products all around the world, it does not mean that the products of that company are free from faults. The same is the case with frigidaire products. In case you are the one facing the same issue, you should read this article carefully. Some of the best solutions that you can try on your own are listed below.

See if one of them suits your situation and you are able to solve your problem. Have a look at the list of solutions in the next section of this article. 

Clean the vent properly:

  • Many times, this problem happens because of the vent. You should take out the vent (steps to do it are mentioned in the next point). 
  • Once you have taken out the vent, clean it with proper brushes, and put it back again. 
  • If you are getting the same error again, check out the next fix. 

Check whether the heating unit is working properly:

  • This fix is only applicable to frigidaire affinity. Follow the steps mentioned below to fix frigidaire e64 error code:

  • Make sure that you have unplugged this appliance from the power outlet before trying the steps mentioned below.
  • Turn off the water valve and then manually disconnect the water feed and the vent hose.

  • Find the lid and remove the screws from there and pull the lid straight back. Now take out the back of the lid and then the lid brace. After doing it, you need to take out all the screws from the back piece.

  • Now, you will get to the brace screws, unscrew all the brace screws and then take out the brace.

  • Some models of frigidaire come with pedestal brackets. You have to remove these brackets if your model is having the same.

  • You can now see the vent tube, take out all the screws holding it and push the vent tube inside so that you can remove the back easily.

  • The power connection will be visible to you. Take out all the screws from here and detach the power connection. After you have taken out, take out brackets, water connection, and the tube.

  • Now you are free to take the vent tube out of the appliance and then find the heating unit that is usually on the right. Unscrew it to take it out. Don’t damage the mount of the heating unit because when you buy a new heating unit, you won’t get mount with it.

  • Once you have taken out the heating unit, test it with a multimeter. But you should set the multimeter on the lowest level to get the perfect result.

  • If your heating unit is found to be faulty, replace it with a new one. 


We have mentioned several effective ways to fix your frigidaire dryer e64 error code. If you are unable to fix it even after trying all the fixes, you need some expert help. Contact the customer service of frigidaire. 

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