5 Reasons why you are Not Losing Weight

5 Common Reasons why you are Not Losing Weight

A majority of people want to lose weight in the fastest way possible and are usually delighted when they use a weight loss product or assistance that provides a speedy weight loss in the initial few days or weeks. 

While it might be interesting to think that they are moving with the right step on the right track and that they will certainly be able to hold it and lose undesired bodyweight. 

After experiencing the initial speedy weight loss, it is also common that many individuals who make use of such fast fat loss products find that these products are not helpful in the long run. We all begin our individual weight loss journeys with confidence and good purposes, but most of the searches eventually end in failure. 

If you have ever attempted to lose weight in the past without experiencing good results, you will understand how frustrating and discouraging it can be, ending in a lack of motivation and even gaining more weight in the long term. 

Besides, nobody wants to make mistakes, especially when you are trying hard to lose weight. The most vital thing you desire is to put the effort in and not see effects due to avoidable mistakes. Although you may not be able to evade every weight loss mistake, you can avoid some of the most common of them. 

There are many people who are eating healthy and doing routine exercise but still not losing weight. Do you feel like the same? If yes, then the first thing you need to do is do not demotivate yourself by thinking on it again and again. Lavleen Kaur, one of the best dietitians in India, shares five common reasons for not losing weight. 

Focusing only on weighing scale

weighing scale

There are so many people who are stepping on the scale. This is the first thing they do in the morning. Your weight loss is not only about how many numbers you have reduced on the scale, but this is more than that. 

Regularly checking the measuring scale is a common mistake when attempting to lose weight. Instead of measuring scale, you need to concentrate on what actually matters, these numbers, or your health. 

Reviewing the measuring scale daily indicates you are simply concentrating on your body weight and not on your body structure. Many people do not understand that a measuring scale does not exactly measure your weight, but your body structure does. 

Therefore, you need to keep in mind to prepare your own body structure analysis to monitor your journey. It involves measures of your body fat, muscle size, and water density. Once you start concentrating on these vital things rather than some numbers, you will notice a true change occurring. 

Lavleen Kaur says; weight loss is not just about how you have reduced the numbers on the measuring scale, but it is actually about how much you have dropped extra fat and increased your bone density. She suggests a monthly body composition analysis which will take you a level further on pursuing your weight loss purpose.

Apart from body composition examination, you require to focus on inch loss. Although inch loss cannot be observed within a few days or a week after about 15 days, you will recognize you feel strengthened, body lightness, increase in strength and you will feel an overall active outlook towards everything. You can take a before and after image to examine your progress.

More than enough Cardio


Cardiovascular exercises are a type of activity that helps to increase your heart rate. It enhances the quality of oxygen movement in the body, keeping our body and mind fit and active. Hence, this is one of the most powerful ways to lose fat and stay fit. 

But do you should know that excessively cardio can be dangerous when you are trying to lose weight. Without enough nutrition consumption, working for a long duration on the treadmill, or doing hard cardio workouts will not actually benefit your body. Instead of dropping weight, you will enter a catabolic situation. 

More than enough cardio indicates running a risk of muscle injury which will considerably limit your weight loss process. This hints you will see muscle loss instead of losing actual fat. There will be no substantial improvement and you may need to meet many other difficulties like weakness. In order to lose weight, it is vital to burn fats and builds muscles. 

You need to take some steps forward, not backward. Doing exercise and cardio is not bad, but know your limit and strength. If you want to have a good and healthy weight loss journey, you should add strength exercise.

Focusing only on the calorie count

Calorie counting can be a helpful method of maintaining the overall intake of food, but this does not indicate that you always keep counting your calories. Along with calory count, the choice of food also matters. 

All calories are not the equivalent. Your body requires nourishment; therefore, you should focus on foods with required nutrition rather than extremely processed meals with a low-calorie mark. 

You should not focus only on calorie counting because this can make you ignore other important factors such as quality sleep, minimal stress, hormonal imbalance, and nutritional deficiency. 

Your weight loss purpose is not possible to achieve without good quality sleep. We all know that our body requires uninterrupted sleep to feel comfortable but it plays an even more important role. Improper levels of cortisol which are also known as stress hormones can negatively influence your health and weight loss journey. 

Also, high levels of cortisol affect the growth of hormones which is the biggest problem in weight loss. If you want to lose weight, you need to maintain your cortisol level at a minimum. It is advised to practice yoga and meditation as a great way to maintain cortisol levels, in order to decrease weight in a healthy way. 

Nutritional need is another factor that prevents weight loss. Vitamin D is a vital nutrient that aids improve fat-burning ability and absorbs calcium.

Frequent snacks or meals even if you are not hungry


According to general studies, it is helpful to have frequent meals after every two hours which boosts metabolism. Though, it varies from one person to another. As per the experts, every person has different requirements and therefore eating often works for some and not others. So, what is a suitable solution for this? 

It is best to listen to your body. Each body differs and comprehensive advice on the diet will not benefit your body in losing weight. You can consider expert guidance on the right kind and amount of food that your body needs. 

Dietitians will help and provide you with a suitable diet for weight loss with a framework of what exactly accommodates your body. Furthermore, do not neglect that you are the manager of your body but with the help of a nutrition expert, you can reach your weight loss aim in the most effective way possible.

Unreasonable Expectations

Many people wish that weight loss could be overnight magic. But the severe truth is that it is a slow process. Stability is essential but many people do not have patience and give up before reaching their purpose. If you take small steps and give your body enough time needed, you will notice excellent results appearing in your journey. 

There are many people who set unreasonable goals about their diet and weight loss. This will not return any benefit and you will only be demotivated and confused to proceed with your weight loss journey. 

If your goal is simply losing weight in terms of quantities, it is a short-term purpose and it will surely demotivate you. This is the main reason behind your continuous struggle of doing everything right but not getting any outcomes. You must focus on long term goals and create a sustainable aim towards developing a healthy lifestyle instead of just concentrating on weight loss. 

Since you didn’t gain weight overnight, so you cannot expect to lose it in a single day either. You must be patient with your body while it is trying to drop the additional weights. Working out extremely hard or eating small meals with less nourishment can sometimes be impossible to losing weight. As long as you have a healthy weight loss program, you should be patient now and then. 


These are five of the most common reasons that interrupt people while trying to lose weight. However, there are many other significant factors such as protein intake, fiber intake, and particularly your mindset. It is important that weight loss should not be the only purpose; we should focus on lifestyle modification which helps us to maintain our health in long run. If you understand these reasons and try to fix common weight loss mistakes, you will surely notice the benefits and reach your weight loss goal in the healthiest approach. Eventually, it is not just about losing weight, maintaining it is a challenge which can be adequately controlled with if all the above points are understood and followed.

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