How to loose weight in a week

How to lose weight in a week | Hack tricks to Lose weight

Are you looking for how to lose weight in a week? If you want to look slim and well maintain body which can define your personality. Let me tell you are in right place today will discuss how to lose weight in a week but let me let you the fact in a week or overnight nobody can lose his weight. I am not saying you can’t but you can think yourself sudden change in your is not good for your health. Health expert recommends don’t lose your weight very fast it should give time there are some tips to lose weight if you follow that so definitely you can lose weight in a week. Stay happy and Healthy.

Tips How to lose weight in a week

Do Exercise: Doing Exercise your body burns your calories and when your body burns calories that means you going on the right path. Exercise gives you a healthy life there are many benefits to exercise on health. It will good if you do in the morning because when you do exercise in the morning you will fresh whole day and your body feels very energetic.

Drinking Water: What people do mostly when they feel trusty they drink beer, energy drink, fruit juice, soft drink. It all contains calories, sodium, and carbohydrates. That affects your body very badly and all these are waste for body and also waste your money as well. Drinking water is very essential for your body as it increases metabolism level. If you think water is boring you can lemon or mint sometime not for every time.

Only eat when you Hungry: Most of the time people eats even when they not hungry this the main cause of an increase in weight. You should only eat when you really need that. Most of the time people eats snack oily food and junk food all is increasing your weight and making your body unhealthy.

Don’t drink beer and alcohol: We all know that Drinking beer and alcohol is not good for our body and knowing that many people drink all the time beer contains carbs that shut down the fat burning process.

Eating fruits not a Good idea: Fruits is magical for a weak body not for the fat body. It Contains water and sugar and you know that sugar form the fruit decrease your fat burning process so avoid eating fruits during that process when you really want to know how to lose weight in a week.

Sleep more Stress-Free: Are you sleeping 5to 6 hours in a day. Most of the people sleep 5 to 6 hours a day but you should sleep now 7 to 8 hours on a regular basis. More you will sleep your body stress-free and that is good news for health and your weight.

Be Careful with your medicine: if you are using medicine for losing weight be a careful expert says many of the pills don’t work and don’t waste your money in useless thing. Ask your personal doctor or ask 2, 3 different doctors then take it otherwise not.

Do not eat dairy product and nuts:  If you generally eat dairy product like chess bread, butter, cream and more it is going to increase your weight in double speed and most important milk. Do not drink milk it contains fat in high level. Peanuts and Cashew nuts both contain carbs 20 % by the body weight. Avoid eating these products as much as you can.

Walking or Running: It is important to track what you are doing and measure that. Experts say 10000 steps in a day can reduce your weight very fast you can increase your steps daily as much you can.

Set your goal daily:  If you doing something that means you are waiting for something and that results what you have done in past. So set your daily goal what to do and not to do. Make your daily timetable like in morning I have to do exercise I have to eat that thing not much only drink water avoid all daily product, sleep well and more. If you make your timetable like that nobody can stop you from losing your weight.

Walk before your Dinner: study says 25 min walking can appetite and increased sensations of fullness as effectively as a light meal. This is also the good point in how to lose weight in a week.

Roughly sex night on top: when you get physical with someone your body burn calories and when your body calories that are a good sign for losing weight in any way body burn calories that means you are going to lose weight. This is only for married haha.

At last, I will tell you if you really want to lose your weight do I form today tomorrow will never come in life. If this article valuable to you (How to lose weight in a week) then share with your friends and family and let them also lose weight. After all your happiness matters for us. Keep smiling happy and healthy.

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