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Blue Hill Publications: An Honest Review for Authors / Writers

With over 200 self-publishing companies, India is topping the chart for the fastest growing publishing industry in the world.

While this growth in the publishing industry has proven to be a magic wand for the authors/writers by substantially cutting down the publishing efforts and time for them, on the other hand, also has compromised the quality of published books due to the immense demands.

With this unprecedented demand in the publishing industry, it is becoming a challenging task for the self-publishers to meet the adequate quality standards in the books they publish. According to a study, it is found that most of the self-publishers fail in providing quality services to their authors and mostly focuses on minting money out of it by siphoning money from gullible authors.

During this ever-increasing competition of self-publishers, there is a self-publisher that has been working quietly to provide quality publication services to the budding authors. The name of the publishing house is Blue Hill Publications. They have been in the industry for more than 3 years now and have shown a great deal of commitment towards serving the authors.

Their quality standards are high despite being a self-publishing house and that is how they have managed to secure a big deal of credibility and trust in the market.

Becoming Publishing Partners for IIT-Kharagpur for their SpringFest 2019, one of India’s most respected and premier institutes, is itself a fair justification of how well they work and how high their quality standards are.

Despite their professional success and quality back-ups, reaching out to them is fairly easy. They have managed to tether themselves to the grass-root level even after achieving such a great feat.

If you are also a writer and looking to get your book published through expert hands and not want to be robbed of your hard-earned money, Blue Hill Publications could be your best shot.

Though, it is not promised if your proposal will get accepted as they receive tens of publishing proposals every single day but nothing can stop you from trying for it, right?

They generally respond within 24 hours but this could be little more depending upon how much occupied they are at the moment. So, please be a little patient.

A Personal Experience with Blue Hill Publications:

This is the experience of one of my closest friends and happens to be my business partner as well. Sometime last year, he decided to publish his debut book that was about entrepreneurship in India. We both started looking for the right publisher for this book once we completed writing the book.

We knew that the book has so much for new entrepreneurs who want to change the world for the good but don’t know how to proceed with it.

My friend has done an incredible job in writing this book as he is himself a self-made millionaire and currently lives in Canada.

He has multiple businesses running and his thoughts in the book could really pave the path for the newcomers in entrepreneurship.

When we talked to almost 20 traditional as well as self-publishers, we understood that getting our book published from a traditional publisher was not that easy and it demanded years of wait time that my friend of course did not have then.

So, we decided to go with self-publishers. We started contacting self-publishers from Google searches and found a common thing among all we contacted is that they all were money minded. All they wanted is money from us. Anybody hardly talked about the quality of the booklet alone the contents. It was quite depressing, being honest!

We started looking for an answer on Quora and found out a review about Blue Hill Publications. We went through that review and found it quite genuine and honest. We got convinced of the review and thought of giving it a try.

We then talked to Blue Hill Publications and during the first call itself realized the difference. While others were only talking about money, Blue Hill was talking about the quality of the written content and its marketability. That was what we were looking for. We talked for few more times before handing over this project to them. But we finally signed the deal and our book got published within the stipulated timeframe without and delay and setbacks.

They took care of every aspect of our book like Book Cover Designing, Editing & Proofreading, Critique, Typesetting, E-book Creation, Printing, Marketing & Advertisements, Promotions, etc. professionally.

Their services were quite standard and pricing was reasonable. We really loved working with them as our publishing partner.

If you want to contact them, let me share the contact details of Blue Hill Publications with you for your reference.

Publisher’s Name: Blue Hill Publications



Mobile: +91-7903080600

I hope, you must have got an insight into your publishing career from this post. All the best for your upcoming book!

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