Troubleshooting Spectrum TV and Internet Service

If you are a Spectrum internet or cable TV customer, you might have faced problems such as picture glitches, channels being unresponsive, and voice issues with your TV or connection issues regarding the internet where the speed slows down or the internet suddenly stops working. If the services are not working at all, then it can be a service outage in the area but if everyone else is having no issues with their services in your neighborhood and you are the only one facing issues, it might be from your end and not Spectrum’s. 

In such situations, Spectrum has provided several ways to get these issues resolved. You can simply contact spectrum customer service phone number and ask for assistance. But doing so would take time as they will schedule a technician and till then, you will have to wait without doing anything.

So before contacting Spectrum, you should try troubleshooting the equipment from your end and make sure everything is working fine. The basic troubleshooting doesn’t require you to be a tech guru and can be done very easily. That would not just resolve the problem sooner but it will also save you money as the technician visits usually cost you a specific amount and you do not want to pay that just for basic troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting Spectrum Internet Services

If you are having trouble regarding your internet services, here is how you can troubleshoot it without any outside help.

  • Run Speed Test

Before you do anything, if you feel like your internet is not working properly and it is slower than usual, run the speed tests. For that, you can either use the Spectrum website or third-party websites that allow you to run speed tests such as OOKLA or any other.

After running the speed tests, you will find out what is the actual download and upload speed that you are getting through your connection. If that is slower than expected, you can check the wires to see whether they are connected properly or if there is any wire that is damaged or broken.

  • Reset the equipment using Spectrum App

Sometimes, resetting the equipment fixes basic configuration issues and removes network glitches which in turn fixes your internet connection. So, after running the speed test and making sure all the wires are connected properly, the next thing to do would be to reset your spectrum modem and a Wi-Fi router. To do that, you will have to log in to the My Spectrum App. After logging in, you will go to the equipment section and click on troubleshoot – the reset option will appear.

Once you click reset, it will reset your modem and router and fix basic network issues.

  • Reboot the modem and router

After resetting the equipment, if you are still facing problems, rebooting the modem and router will possibly fix them. To reboot, disconnect the modem and router from the power source and disconnect the wires. After doing so, wait for a few minutes and let everything cool down. 

After 4-5 minutes, connect all the wires in the same way they were plugged in before and plug the main wire into the power source. That will restart the modem and router and allow you to connect again. Run the speed test again and see if it has improved anything or not. In case the problem still exists, call Spectrum and let them know you are facing this problem.

Troubleshooting the Spectrum TV

At times, the TV image starts going blur or shows glitches like you have a broken connection. Or you might face problems where the voice suddenly goes out and you are looking at the TV screen with no voice. Most of the time, these issues can be solved by troubleshooting your Spectrum TV. Troubleshooting the Spectrum TV services is similar to troubleshooting the internet because you will be following the same procedure to do so.

  • Check the cables

To troubleshoot Spectrum TV, the first thing to do would be to check all the cables – whether they are attached properly or not. Sometimes, the HDMI cable, if not connected properly, can cause such issues. So check your TV and the TV box and make sure the HDMI and other cables are connected properly and those cables are not damaged.

If you find out that the cable is broken or any port is damaged, then that could be the reason for your TV issues. Otherwise, try resetting the TV boxes.

  • Reset the TV Boxes

Resetting the TV box with Spectrum is very easy as it can also be done through My Spectrum App – just like Spectrum internet. After logging in and going to the equipment tab, choose TV boxes instead of selecting the modem or router. Then click rests and wait for a few minutes.

Once the process is complete, simply reboot the TV boxes by turning it off and disconnecting and reconnecting the power cable from the power source. In between, wait for a few minutes and let the connection reset.

After doing so, if you are still having trouble with TV services, call Spectrum customer services, and request technical support.

How to contact Spectrum Customer Services?

Contacting Spectrum customer service is very easy as there are multiple ways to get in touch with the Spectrum support team and ask for assistance. You can call, use chat support, visit the nearest Spectrum store, or use the Spectrum app or website.

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