How to Welcome Winter with Open Hands

We along with every organism on this planet are bound by the laws of nature. There are things that are not under our control instead we are controlled by them. Seasons on earth fall under such a category where we can do nothing except for adapting to that change. Winter is often considered to bring discomfort and inconvenience to a large number of people. As the temperature drops, we often find difficulty in doing the things that are normal in other seasons. 

If you are thinking the same as mentioned in the above paragraph, you may be wrong. You can live your life as joyfully as you like even in the winters but just keep some little points in mind before the winter arrives. This article will guide you in preparing for the coming winter. Here is a list of habits that you should develop before the arrival of winter in your area. Having all these things in you can make your journey very easy and funny. 

Prepare yourself for the fun that winter may bring to you:

  • We don’t get the fortune to sit beside a fireplace and have a moment of comfort anytime other than the winters. Having something warm burning nearby gives you a feeling that can be hardly compared to anything else. So, you better plan for this heavenly experience with all the essential items. These activities may seem small but believe me, you will miss these days once the winter is gone. You can also buy the best room heaters to lower the room temperature.

  • The bucket list of such activities is endless. Those who live in places that get snowfalls in winter can go ice skating with friends.

  • Those who don’t get snowfall in their area are free to invite their friends for watching a football match on TV as you already know winter is the time when all the leagues are about to reach the climax. Even though the team that you support may not win but you will have a lot of fun. 

Eat carefully: 

  • There are a lot of things that you can do in the winter season but you need to be healthy. If you get sick more often in winter, then enjoying the winter is far from your hope. To maintain your health, you have to pay attention to what you are eating. Your diet should contain more and more anti-inflammatory and anti-biotic ingredients for this purpose. These things would be very helpful for you:
  • Increase the intake of Omega-3 fatty acids: Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients that you can include in your diet. For those who experience joint pains, it would be even more beneficial.

  • Eat mushrooms: Mushrooms contain many essential antibiotics that would help a lot in building your immunity.

  • Increase fiber and green vegetable intake: Fibers are very helpful in protecting your digestive system. A large number of senior people struggle to maintain their digestive health during the winter season. Increasing the amount of fiber in your diet may also help in boosting your immunity and reducing cholesterol levels in your body. And when you consume green leafy vegetables on a regular basis, your body will get all the essential vitamins and other nutrients to keep you healthy during the winter. Vegetables like spinach, carrots, etc. will be very helpful.

  • Include spices in your diet: Spices can be very helpful in this case. They not only help in making your food testier but also keep you healthy.
  • Along with these diet tips, you should stop drinking cold water during the winter. This will be very helpful in keeping you away from the common cold throughout the season. 

Maintain your hygiene:

  • Low temperatures often push people to get away from water or at least avoid frequent contact with water. And our personal hygiene is often compromised due to this habit. You are prone to a lot of infections in such a case. But you can avoid it if you wash your hands properly. You should not avoid the shower even for a single day. All your woolens should be well-washed before you put them on.

  • Our skin gets dry very quickly during winters. You should take extra care of it. Just after your shower, applying a moisturizer will help a lot in this case. 

Try to keep yourself warm: 

  • All the issues that you face during the wintertime are because of the low temperature. If you manage to keep yourself warm, you can avoid most of that discomfort. You can help yourself in keeping warm by keeping the following points in your mind:
  • Put some extra layers of clothes to isolate yourself from the cold winds.

  • Follow your yoga routine strictly.

  • Alcohol should be avoided at any cost. Many people believe that alcohol helps one feel warmer but taking a scientific look at it will show you that the core body temperature goes down after the consumption of alcohol.

  • It is often difficult to take bath during freezing winter days; it is better to buy water geysers to heat the water for a pleasant bath. 

Follow a strict routine for your exercise:

  • Exercise is very important in the winter season. When you raise your body temperature by exercise, your heart can pump blood throughout the body with less effort.

  • As everyone knows that winters are the season of flu. Exercise helps you a lot in boosting your immunity and hence you are able to keep yourself away from flu.

  • Going outside in the sunshine helps a lot in getting proper Vitamin D that keeps you healthy. You can gain enough Vitamin D in summer very quickly but in winter, more time is required. Thus going outside for a run or any other exercise will be a great help.

  • A lot of people gain significant weight during this season because they are packed in their homes most of the time. That is another risk factor. You can avoid it too if you are serious about your exercise. 


We have mentioned several things here that would help you in getting ready for the upcoming winter. Our main intention behind writing this blog is that you develop all these habits before winter comes.

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