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How to Torrent Download Movies on Your Mobile Device

If you love spending your free time watching films and you are looking for some ways to download your favourite movies on your mobile device then we have just the right thing for you. Nowadays people spend most of their free time on their smartphones and that is why there has been a huge shift in the audience, who are turning to mobile devices for watching movies.

People want this because it is more convenient and fun to watch stuff on your hand sized device instead of a full-scale laptop or PC. It gives them freedom of movement and thus is more fun. This guide will take you through some steps which you can use and torrent download movies for free.

Key Benefits of Using Torrent for Downloading Movies

  • Using torrent, you can download every show, movie and web series that you usually find on streaming sites like Netflix, Movierulz etc. Most streaming sites contain one type of content and do not host other stuff. But with torrent, you can find anything you want.
  • It is faster than other means of downloading films. If you take seeders of a file into account and download a movie accordingly it makes the process faster and less time-consuming.
  • If you use IDM or another service for downloading movies and you face an interruption like a power outage or battery shut down, there is no way you can restart the process from that same point. You will have to start the downloading again. But with torrent, you can pause and resume anytime you want.

Torrent works differently from other streaming platforms like Kisscartoon etc. and though this might seem to intimate at first, it is really not. Here we will show you how you can download movies and files and save them on your mobile device using torrent.

Downloading and Installing a Torrent Software:

There are a number of free apps out there both for PCs and mobile devices which process torrent files. These are often termed as torrent client software. There are many such software out there such as Utorrent, Deluge, BitPort.

The most widely known of them all is Utorrent. This app makes it very easy to handle or process a torrent files and works best for movies and shows. You can very easily install apk for this app from google just like normal apps in your phone in no time.

Downloading the Movie File from a Torrent Site:

This step involves choosing a torrent file that you will download for the given movie. There are usually two main files i.e., magnet torrent file and a simple torrent file.

When you click on magnet file it automatically takes you to your torrent client and starts downloading. While if you click on torrent download, it will first download that particular torrent file on your storage device and after that you click on this downloaded file which takes you to the torrent client.

Both these ways work well for downloading movies and it is really up to you to decide which one you want to go with.

 Top Rated Movies Torrent Downloading sites

  1. 1337x

This site hosts a huge number of movies and shows for free. You can get access to thousands of movies both old and the new on this platform. The UI of the site is quite simple and interactive which saves a lot of your time.


This site gives special attention to the user experience and the website layout. The content of the site is divided into various groups and subgroups which helps you to find the stuff that you find appealing. The movie torrent files on this site are all in high quality.

  1. The Piratebay

This site is famous for its great quality and huge quantity of torrent files. The users all across the world use this site every day to download their favourite movies, web series and other important files.

  1. KatMovieHD

The site works great for downloading both Bollywood and Hollywood film and shows. There are movies from the old times as well as the latest releases. The site offers great features that include auto completion and search by filter etc. these features and many more are available on this site for you without any charges.

Final words

Use of torrent to download movies and shows has grown so popular these days and you should avail this free tool as well. The process is quite simple and very rewarding. Torrenting your files saves both your precious time and energy. You can watch anything you want using torrent on your mobile device.

We hope the above information has given you some idea and information about how to use a torrent on your phone. Use the above-mentioned platforms and tools for a best torrenting and movie-watching experience.

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