how to increase iron level quickly

How to Increase Iron Levels Quickly

Do you want to know how to increase iron levels quickly? First, you need to know about iron. Iron deficiency is the most common and nutritional disorder in the world. The numbers are shocking more than 2 billion people approx 30% of the world population is anemic, Just because of low iron deficiency. As we all know iron is an important mineral for our bodies to produce protein hemoglobin. That helps to transports oxygen to all the vital organs of our body. Iron deficiency might be delicate in its manifestations, which might include fatigue, ill- health, weakness affect the cognitive growth in children and so on.

Meat is the highest Source of iron includes all kind of meat like pork, poultry, and seafood. This type of Iron basically known as heme iron. We get iron from the plant sources like legumes, fruits, cereals, and vegetables are known as non-heme iron. It doesn’t mean if you are consuming a lot of iron-rich foods, doesn’t mean that all the iron is getting absorbed by the body. The bioavailability of is very low that means that all the iron not absorbed by the body that we have consumed. There is one interesting fact iron we absorbed by heme iron that is 2-7 times more efficiently than non-heme iron. Absorption of heme iron is also not affected by dietary factors.

How to Increase Iron Levels Quickly

Consume Soaked, Cooked Foods

Cereals and legumes are a good source of iron but they provide phytates, a class of compounds that inhibit the absorption by our body. The process like soaking, cooking and germination reduce the level of phytates in cereals and legumes and therefore help in the better absorption of iron.

Intake of Vitamin C

Vitamins C or ascorbic acid transform the non-heme iron into a form that is more readily absorbed by the body. So if you are taking iron-rich foods, it might be a good idea to attend them with Vitamin C rich foods like citrus, peppers, broccoli, bell etc.

Intake Calcium Regularly

The mineral calcium which is found in milk and milk products competes with the absorption of iron in our body. For example, kids who consume a lot of milk might have the risk of iron deficiency if the iron-rich meals are accompanied with calcium-rich foods.

Do not take Tea or Coffee with Meals

Tea and coffee contain a group of compounds known as polyphenols, which inhibit the absorption of iron from non-heme sources. So it might be a good idea to consume your tea or coffee between the meals instead of with your meals.

Iron Supplementation

You can increase the intake of iron in your body by consuming foods that are fortified with iron. Like iron-fortified cereals, or you might also include iron supplements in your diet.

Iron life chart for different age

In this chart, you can see how much iron you need to consume daily by heme iron or non-heme iron.

iron life chart
iron life chart

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Should you be worried about the iron levels in your body? Most of the people do not need to worry about it but it is good to know about the food chemistry part of it. So you can go get a checkup done and if you feel your iron levels are fine, you can continue with your existing diet. If you don’t feel you have a good iron level you can consult a nutritionist and discuss meals plans in a way that increase the absorption of iron in your body. If you follow so you can increase iron level quickly.

In the end, I want today don’t take tension in your life live happy always. You live healthy that all we want after all your happiness matter for us.

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