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How To Find Out Who Hacked Your Cell Phone

Hacking cell phones to obtain personal information discreetly and misusing it for illegal purposes is becoming highly rampant at present. Hackers gain access to your phones and tap them using spyware or malware. 

The question of detecting the person behind it still lingers. It is a crucial detail that can help you deduce the motive behind the attack and deal with it in a planned manner. Let us look at the different techniques used to discover the source of the attack.

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Texts and Calls from Unknown Numbers

One of the most conventional methods used by hackers to access your phone is through unknown numbers. When you receive calls or texts from unknown numbers, hackers work in notorious ways and set up malware and spyware on your devices through the entry acquired.

If calls or texts are made frequently to another number from your phone, it indicates the attempts of the spyware to contact the hacker. 

Another common instance is when your contacts receive unusual texts and calls from your number, which means the hacker is also using your phone to hack other phones.

You can check the source of the numbers, which caused your phone to act abnormally. Reporting them to cybercrime can help you discover the owner of the number and help you gauge their motives. This is a genuine hacker you can hire to protect your phone against hackers.

Unusual Activity on Other Accounts

When the hacker gains access to your phone, they will try to tamper with other online accounts on your device and misuse them to their advantage. If you notice suspicious activity on your bank accounts, other fund transfer applications, and so on, it is the hacker’s action.

You can try to find the owner of the account to which funds are being sent from your account. Although the hacker might be using false credentials in most scenarios, this method is worth a shot as it might leave you with some clues about the hacker. Trusted hackers can guarantee you access to any phone. 

Find Source of Spyware

Spyware is the type of malware that hackers install on your phones to regularly tap into your activity and gain access to all private data. It can be implanted in your phone if someone physically handled your device, even for a short while.

To resolve this issue, you can enlist the services of mobile security services and anti-spy applications. Their cutting-edge technology will aid you in tracking the source of the spyware installation. 

You can even receive the particulars regarding the manufacturer of the spyware. This tried-and-tested method will land you with all the necessary details without any unnecessary hitches and rectify your hacked device smoothly.

Detect Phishing Activity

Phishing is a hacking technique that involves unauthorized links leading to dangerous sites and pages that can steal your data without your knowledge. Certain untrustworthy sites might even ask you to enter personal details and passwords in entirely unnecessary situations. 

Staying aware of all these tactics is key to avoiding the installation of malware on your phone. If your phone gets hacked, you can try to discern the source of the link and track the person/number who sent you the link to find the source of origin.

Setting a Trap for the Hacker

There are different ways that you can try to catch the hacker red-handed in the act. This technique involves the usage of spy applications such as the Ultimate Phone Spy, which can help you monitor the activity on your phone from an external viewpoint. 

You can hack text messages on your phone if you notice suspicious activity and want to gain further insight regarding the fountainhead. 

Wrapping It Up

Most users often don’t focus on trying to know the identity of the hacker. However, this step is very important as it will help you to work towards a customized solution. 

This process will prove to be beneficial in case the hacker is very familiar to you. You can stay aware of them in the upcoming times if you become aware of their deeds beforehand.

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The usage of spy applications to trick the hacker and discover their identity is a commonly used method, especially if the identity is important to you. Therefore, you can install such applications that give you more reign over your phone’s usage and associated issues.

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