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5 Tips on Choosing Solar Panel Installation Contractors for Homeowners

Are you looking to make the switch to solar energy in 2021? First of all, kudos for coming to this environmentally and pocket-friendly decision. Secondly, before you do anything else, it’s important to choose expert solar panel installation contractors.

By making the switch to solar energy, you stand to save thousands of dollars on your home’s energy bills over the approximately 25-year lifespan of solar panels. You’ll also be doing the planet a favor as solar energy is renewable and clean, as well as being an.

In this blog post, we’ll highlight six tips for choosing solar panel installation contractors to help you fully realize the benefits of solar energy.

1. Choose an Experienced Contractor

It’s a good idea to look for a solar panel installation team that has strong experience in the sector and expert knowledge of solar energy and solar panels. Do a Google search on the company and check out their website for details about their history. Consider how passionate they seem about their work and their commitment to their clients; that’s always a good sign.

2. Ensure They Are Fully Licensed and Insured

Always check that a solar panel installation contractor is fully licensed and insured and meets all industry regulations. If you are unsure, ask a company to see their credentials. Never just ‘take a chance’; in the case that something goes wrong during the installation process, you may find yourself liable.

3. Ask to See Their References

Nowadays, you should be able to gain a good understanding of a company through online reviews. You can also ask them directly to provide references— recent clients that will be able to give you valuable feedback about their own experiences with the contractor.

4. Choose a Contractor That Is Communicative

There are many questions that you may need to pose to a solar panel installation contractor. Questions such as what size is best and how does net metering work. Therefore, choose a team that is communicative and actively helpful in answering any queries you have.

5. Enquire About Warranties and Maintenance

Before you settle on a particular contractor, ask about their warranty policy as well as any repair and replacement procedures. Solar panel systems generally require little to no maintenance. However, if something does go wrong, it’s useful to know what your rights are.

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Choose the Best Solar Panel Installation Contractors

Installing solar panels is an exciting decision for homeowners. When making the switch to solar energy, always choose a contractor with strong solar installation experience. Take your time to choose a contractor that you can trust and one that is communicative and happy to answer any queries you may have.

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