Why use QuickBooks online vs Software

When there are two good accounting softwares it is always a matter of confusion to choose best among the two. We have two accounting softwares one is QuickBooks Online second is QuickBooks Desktop Software. After reading this article you will be able to choose the best accounting software in terms of its features, accounting, invoicing for all your business needs. Before we discuss the differences of QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop in detail in this article, we would like to have a quick overview on QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks desktop software.

QuickBooks Online: A Quick Overview

First of all, as the name suggests it is an online software which is designed specifically to provide an online access of all your accounts without depending on a particular workstation or office set up from anywhere across the world if you have a good internet connection. Now the days were gone when you were dependent on your team for all the accounts work being done manually. Initially it was launched in 2004 by Intuit as a cloud-based accounting software with the purpose of providing better accounting services to the small scale businesses but with the continuous efforts of making improvements in it and adding new advance features now it can be used by medium and large scale businesses as well. 

When you use and work on QuickBooks Online, you will yourself find how easy it is to use and learn than QuickBooks Online Software. 

QuickBooks Desktop Software: A Quick Overview

QuickBooks Desktop Software was the first choice of accountants as it was launched many years back in 1992. After several attempts to make its features more advanced made its users to switch from QuickBooks desktop Software to QuickBooks Online. In this article we would like to make you aware with QuickBooks desktop Pro, QuickBooks Desktop Premier as well as QuickBooks desktop enterprise as all three kind of QuickBooks Desktop Software. All these versions are designed specifically for small scale businesses, middle business and large-scale businesses respectively.

All these three versions of QuickBooks Desktop Software allow you use unique accounting tools and enjoy its extensive specifications including expense tracking, payroll, job costings, around 200 integration which is also with provision of customer review.  It is to be noted that Quick Desktop version can only be accessed on Window Operating system.

Below are some comparisons on the basis of some factors by which you can easily distinguish QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop Software and understand the benefit of using QuickBooks Online vs Software.

  • Specifications of QuickBooks Online vs Desktop Software

QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop software both are actually have many things in common. Though QuickBooks desktop provides wide range of developed features but it is a step back to QuickBooks Online in case of its unique feature of invoicing. Lending international invoicing and mobile apps are some key features which only offered by QuickBooks Online. Now it is up to you to decide which one among the both is well suited as per your business top needs.

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  • Accounting of QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop Software

Both QuickBooks Online and desktop software works on the principle of double entry book keeping and works on accruel cash basis accounting. Both have some general features in common like bank reconciliation, journal entries, accounts payable, accounts receivable etc. by which general reports can be created as and when required.  Though QuickBooks desktop is of worth to use but one feature that distinguishes QuickBooks desktop from QuickBooks Online is a feature of hiring QBO certified CPA or accountant on paid basis for taking any professional support under its unique feature of QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping service. 

  •  Invoicing feature of QuickBooks Online vs Desktop Software

It is one of the best features which make QuickBooks Online step ahead from QuickBooks Desktop software. When QuickBooks Desktop offers traditional layout of invoicing which make the readers monotonous to understand at the same time QuickBooks Online offers modern and clear format of invoices which seems attractive and beautiful in understanding to the customers.

QuickBooks Online offers cloud-based automation services for invoicing like

  • Reminders sent automatically for making payments before due date.
  • Makes auto schedule of invoice.
  • Invoicing in Batches and also enables progress invoicing.
  •  A portal where by client can make online payments.
  • Facility of generating invoice in six languages to make the foreign customers understand an invoice in their language.
  • Duplicate invoices can also be issued.
  • Outstanding invoices can be listed for collection of payments.

If you are still confused in opting QuickBooks Online, below are some highlights that clear you more why use QuickBooks Online vs software.

  1. QuickBooks desktop can only be used after downloading and installing in the computer whereas online is cloud based that can be accessed anywhere through internet.
  2. QuickBooks online is more secure to use than desktop software.
  3. Multi users can access online at the same time whereas desktop software limits the number of users.

We hope you are now able to choose the best QuickBooks version for all your accounting needs.

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