Which types of Film Should Be used to make Dynamic Candle Boxes?

Foiling is not a new thing in the packaging industry. It just got improvements due to new innovative technologies. By utilizing them, you can easily be sure about the soft and elegant touch in the appearance of your candle packaging boxes. You can attractive looking fonts and product details on your packages by utilizing foil printing. It does not take any huge cost for their initial setup, so you can easily afford and utilize them in making your package design enticing. The best thing about this printing is that it can work effectively for any kind of paper material. Here are some of their different types that you can use for your candle packages.

Roll pressing:

You might have gone through offset printing or lithography, this type of foiling is similar to that of printing. The only difference is that in offset printing, you utilize different types and colors of powder ink, while in roll pressing, different types of foils are used. Pigment, holographic, and pearl are different types of foils. In this pressing, a pearl is used as a foil to maintain the solid transparency of your packaging design. From the name, you would know that it contains a roller on which a foil is applied. That foil is printed on the box by passing out the surface of a box from it. This type of foiling is mostly utilizing for quantitative boxes. Meaning, you can print foils on your numbers of boxes at one time. This may be good in the long run, but have requires a huge amount for initial setups. However, its huge cost is nothing in front of the quality that it provides.

Straight stamp pressing:

This type of foiling is very similar to ordinary stamps that you put on paper. What happens in this is a type of foiling is that your box is placed in a long straightaway. After that, the die is stamped on it at different places to give them an attractive and shiny look. This type is faster and cost-effective, so you can say that it is way better than other foiling types. Usually, it utilizes metallic foil to produce astonishing designs on your packaging solutions. In this metallic foil, colors like gold, silver, and copper are used to enhance the appearance of your package. By using this type of foiling, you can make sure about the attractiveness and elegance of your candle packages. Its only drawback is that the setup process is a little longer than others. However, you can always wait for a little while to maintain quality.

Combination-die press:

Embossing is a technique in which ink is raised from the surface of packaging by utilizing stamping. This foil printing is basically the combination of both foiling and embossing. In this type, areas from your packaging where foiling has been applied are risen through embossing to give it an attractive and grabbing look. Holographic foil paper uses in this type to produce a rainbow-like effect on your candle packaging boxes to increase their aurora. Most people go for embossing because of the cost of this foiling, but with this, they can have premium looking packaging for their premium products. Repeating starburst and dot patterns are some of the special patterns that this foiling uses to maintain the appearance of your boxes.

Clamshell pressing:

Have you seen a sandwich, right? This clamshell foiling works a little bit like that. In this type, your packaging paper is placed between rollers of the press with a foil that you choose to print. Mostly it uses pigment foils to produce a matte or gloss effect on the surface of your custom printed boxes. You do not have to utilize printing while using it. Because with this foiling, you can easily print foils of several colors, types, and designs. For instance, suppose that you are thinking of getting a black package for your candles. You do not want to do printing on them to scratch out their surface. For that, what you need to do now is to foil this kind of paper on the package by utilizing a clamshell. You can easily print the foil paper and place it on your packaging solution. This type of foiling is almost like hot stamping that you do for embossing.

Single-level die press:

It is one of the most common types of foiling die that has been utilizing for years by packaging manufacturers. Easy to use, cost-effective, and optimal for long runs are some of its extraordinary features. You can produce your ordinary and dull packaging into an attractive and elegant one. In this foiling, a foil is distributed on two surfaces by printing. One is to contain stamping from the printer, and the other can utilize to paste on the surface of the package. Most candle manufacturers use this for their packaging because of its easy availability. It does not involve any high-fi machinery, just a simple two-sided and a foil. Impressing thing about this is the high-quality designs that it can produce on your product presentation.

After discussing their various types, you can say that all of their types are effective for making candle packaging boxes dynamic. Utilize any color or design you want; every single type of this printing is able to make your imaginary packaging designs come true. You can utilize it to make your brand visible and prominent in the market while avoiding costly marketing solutions.

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