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7 All-Time Favourite Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Flowers have a secret language that is universally understood by every single person on this planet, it can very rightly convey emotions without even having to use any words.

Whether it’s the first-year mark of your dating life or your first wedding anniversary, 7th one or 25th, anniversaries should always be celebrated in a special way and with gorgeous anniversary flowers, don’t you think so too?

Whether it’s your anniversary or your loved ones, celebrate it with the right bunch of beautiful fresh flowers, and a different variety for each milestone year. Flowers are the perfect gift to wish a couple an eternity of togetherness filled with love.

Here is a list of some amazing anniversary flowers that you can choose from according to the year of togetherness:

  • 1st Anniversary: Carnations

The first anniversary will always be one of the most special ones, isn’t it? It’s after all the one year mark of the relationship and we all know how important the first year is. It is the base on which the rest of the relationship stands. It is said that love grows more and becomes deeper with red carnations that are believed to carry love in every petal of its own. Gift your loved ones or your special one a beautiful bouquet of fresh Carnations to make the anniversary a very special one!

  • 2nd Anniversary: Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a heavenly flower, don’t you agree? It can make someone’s day instantly better and brighter. These bell-shaped lilies will rightly convey your emotions and will act as a gift that represents the promise that no matter what, even though the first year is over now and the tough time has begun, you are never letting go of your partner. 

  • 5th Anniversary: Daisies

It is a popular belief that maidens used to predict their love life by plucking out the petals of delicate Daisies. Thus, Daisies on an anniversary would be the perfect gift as it represents love, purity, and innocence. This flower will also act a symbol of your strong relationship with your partner and the deep bond that you both share. 

  • 10th Anniversary: Daffodil

Do you want to give an extraordinary flower to your special one on your anniversary? Well, then pick up the flower that has been popularized by none other than everyone’s favorite: William Wordsworth- yes, the famous gorgeous Daffodils. It signifies renewal and love, and it also stands for all the memories that have been shared between you two ever since you both have met each other. This definitely is one of our most favorite anniversary flowers!

  • 12th Anniversary: Peony

Do you know what the extremely intricate and delicate ruffled little petals of the peony resemble? The swan. Yes, you read that right. This fine flower represents the fact that after spending twelve years together with someone, you tend to appreciate the finer things and start loving the little things about each other. Treat your special person with this elegant flower and make his or her day beautiful and special. 

  • 13th Anniversary: Chrysanthemum

This bright and beautiful flower represents royalty and love in a lot of cultures, Did you know about this? In fact, it is one of the most commonly chosen flowers, after Roses, for gifting to someone special. 

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  • 15th Anniversary: Roses

The most popular flower for every single occasion- The Rose. With its beauty and its wide variety of color options, the Rose is definitely everyone’s favorite choice. It is loved universally by everyone of every culture, gender, region, age, etc. 

Based on different colors, Roses represent feelings like love, passion, purity, innocence, etc. For example, the red Rose stands for deep love and is the most popular flower in the world.

Send roses online to your special one to remind him or her that even though you both have spent quite a number of years together, your love for him or her has not reduced even a bit, in fact, it increases every single day (if that’s even possible). Sending a bouquet of red roses to your partner is the best way to convey it to him or her that you are very much in love, and to make it even more special, you can also add a note that says “I love you”.

  • 25th Anniversary: Iris

You have hit the quarter-century mark with your partner- it’s a big deal, right? Being with someone for 25 years might sound like an easy thing to do but we know that it’s not. It takes effort every single day to make the relationship work, don’t you agree? So, if you have managed to successfully complete 25 years with each other, celebrate it in a grand way and give this romantic luxurious flower to your partner to mark the occasion. 

  • 50th Anniversary: Yellow Roses and Violets

50 years- that’s half a century! Spending 50 years, which means 5 decades with one person means you both have literally grown up together and with you, your love and relationship have also become mature and deep.

Like every anniversary has an official flower, the one for fifty years of marriage are yellow roses and violets- these are just as beautiful as your relationship. The yellow Roses and the Violets complement each other side by side, just like you and your special one, making it the most perfect gift for the couple who is celebrating their 50th anniversary.

We wish you both a very happy anniversary and many more years of love & togetherness! 

Celebrate your anniversary in a very special and memorable way and don’t forget to make your partner laugh a little extra on this day. 


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