The Dos and Don’ts of PMS

The Dos and Don’ts of PMS

The hell week is about to come, when your uterus will launch war on your body. You identify PMS –premenstrual syndrome – when suddenly, dark clouds take over your otherwise sunny day, and then, you know it with certainty that your periods are just around the corner. 

PMS not only affects your mental health, but it also has impact on your physical health that includes bloating and cramping.

Emotional health also becomes very fragile during premenstrual syndrome. You become hot one second, and cold the other. You want to tear off someone’s head from anger, and the next second, you just randomly tear up. 

The ups and downs are very much expectant of PMS, however, if the toll on your body is very extreme, you need to consult the Best Gynecologist in Islamabad.

However, you too can control, to some extent, the impact of PMS on your body. There are things that you can do the improve the symptoms of the condition, but there are also things that you do that aggravate your symptoms of PMS. 

Dos of PMS 

Cut back on Salt 

Since salt can lead to water retention in the body, it can make the bloating worse. Too much salt can also intensify tenderness of the breasts as well. You should, therefore, cut back on salt. This may also entail reducing processed food, as they are rich in salt as well. 

Cut back on caffeine 

Another food item to cut back on is caffeine. Too much coffee addiction can lead to disruption of sleep, that can then make your PMS worse. Moreover, watch when you drink coffee; do not drink it before bedtime, as it can be more disruptive then.

Take your meals on time 

Missing your meals is also bad for the symptoms of PMS, which already has a dire impact on the appetite. If you miss meals, your blood sugar level will decrease, and consequently, the hypoglycemic irritability will set in. 

To avoid the entire emotional upheaval, take regular meals, even when you do not feel like eating otherwise. 

Reel back on the sweet tooth

The cravings for something sweet are also characteristic of PMS. This is because of the change in the levels of certain hormones in the body. But try not to give into the cravings, or even if you do, do not over-do on the sugar, since with sugar rush, also comes the sugar-crash. 

Post high from the sugar, the dip is then hard on the body. It can make your already fragile mood even worse. 

Don’ts of PMS 

Sedentary lifestyle 

You might not feel like moving during PMS, but you must make exercise a part of your life. Physical activity helps in abating the symptoms of PMS. It also helps in improving mood as well. 


Whereas smoking is harmful, always, but it is especially bad for your PMS symptoms. It leads to hormonal imbalance, that then exacerbates PMS, making your existence even harder. You therefore need to take steps to stop smoking. 

Stress is not being managed well

Stress is another thing that has a dire impact on the quality of your life. Chronic stress can lead to problems with mental and physical health, both. Due to the impact of stress on the hormones, it also leads to aggravated symptoms of PMS. 

Hence, you need to manage your stress better. Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are helpful in this regard. You can also take up activities that give you pleasure, like reading a good book, taking a warm bath or grabbing a bite of dark chocolate. 

Don’t make light of PMS 

Some people have extremely severe impact of PMS on their body. Some women get debilitating cramps, others suffer from volatile temper. In such cases, you must enlist the help of the Best Gynecologist in Lahore

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