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Top 07 Mobile Video Editing Apps For Owners Of Small Businesses

Video is a powerful medium of marketing that can attract and engages your target audience. Many scientific research says 90% of information that is diffused into our brain is visual. Because people prefer watching short forms of videos over reading long text.

More than 63% of businesses have started utilizing video marketing to surge their reach. However, video marketing is not about posting any kind of visuals in the name of brand promotion. Videos should be intriguing while conveying the right message to the viewers, especially when you own a small business.

Okay! So, what is the right technique to create appealing videos for your business?

The answer is with the help of video editing apps. The best part about these apps is fine-tuning clips can be done on your smartphone.

You just need to find the right video editing software to achieve marketing goals for your small business. As the market is overrun with options, we will introduce you to some of the best mobile video editing apps in this post. Let’s get started!

Which is the best mobile video editing app?

The way the best audiobook apps read out your favorite book conveniently, a video editing app makes your life way easier when it comes to editing them.

From improvising the videos, trimming their length to adding songs, and much more, you can achieve anything with the help of the following mobile video editing app.

1.   Adobe Premier Clip

Adobe Premier Clip is one of the best mobile video editing apps in the market which is completely free to use. You need to set up an Adobe Creative Cloud account in order to use the app. Once you create your account, you can effortlessly sync your project across various devices. You can begin with editing on your phone, take it to the tablet, and finish it on your laptop.

The ease of connecting to a creative cloud account and synchronizing the project to other devices is the biggest benefit of using this app. The final outcome is full HD, that too without a watermark. In addition, if you wish to add the watermark, you can do it easily and use it for video marketing.

Key features of Adobe Premier Clip:

  • Easy to choose clips and drag them around in any location.
  • Straightforward video editing.
  • Ease of modifying highlights, exposure, and shadows.
  • Slowing down the speed of video is easy.
  • Using the ‘Publish and Share’ feature, users can save the footage on devices and upload it online once the piece is ready.
  • The ‘Sync to Music’ option can be used to trim the video according to the selected tune.

2.   CyberLink ActionDirector

CyberLink ActionDirector is another powerful video editing app to create eye-catching visuals for marketing. This software offers several effects and filters to apply to the videos. You can create highly engaging videos for marketing your brand to gain exposure among prospects. This app offers valuable and advanced options to enhance the end result like adding stickers, stock images, etc.

You can create a clip by merging videos and photos conveniently. This software is free to download but works best on Android smartphones. However,  the price of editing videos on this application ranges between $1.99 to $24.99 per item. Also, this app provides a quick tutorial on using the app for editing and improving the clips.

Key features of CyberLink ActionDirector:

  • Accessing stock images is convenient.
  • Several choices in clip editing.
  • High-quality stickers can easily be incorporated into the videos.
  • The in-built camera can be utilized to film directly from the app.
  • Straightforward video editing.
  • Doesn’t leave a watermark on stock images.
  • Inserting text, adding a soundtrack, and the effects of the image are easy.

3.   FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is another video editing app that can be used for marketing your business brand. This app enables users to create vivid compositions using both old and newest footage. You can also add any photo to the video easily. You get all the advanced options to add transitions and music, apply effects, themes, and much more in the selected video.

Once you have applied all the filters on the clip, you can save it and export the video for marketing. Using this editing app, you can create spectacular marketing videos to promote your business online.

Key features of FilmoraGo:

  • Easy to understand video editing application.
  • Unwatermarked clips can be saved directly to the device.
  • The ‘Materials’ section includes transitions, Effects, Templates, Music, Stickers, and Filters.
  • Ready-to-use transitions and filters.
  • Single and multiple camera recording is available.
  • Trimming, cropping, splitting, and adding transitions are easy.
  • Ease of adding layers, voice-overs, titles, filters, and modifying a particular clip.

4.   Magisto

Magisto is one of the best video editing software in the market to make clips ready for video marketing. There are over 90 million active users of this app which shows its popularity among people. This app uses AI to create stunning clips within a few minutes. It offers ease of editing and adding your preferred music to the video.

This video editing app also suggests soundtracks to match your selected theme for the clip. Users looking for ease of editing videos should pick this app for their needs.

Key features of Magisto:

  • Several ready-to-use templates to get excellent results.
  • Creates professional-looking clips in a few minutes.
  • The ability to auto-edit videos is quite impressive.
  • Premium effects and filters to apply in a clip.
  • Facial recognition and auto-cropping.
  • Music suggestions based on the selected theme.

5.   Kinemaster

Kinemaster is one of the most popular video editing apps to create professional-looking clips. Users can easily trim, cut, and add transitions, and effects on the selected video. If you chose this app, you won’t need professional assistance to make striking videos for marketing your brand in front of your target audience.

This video editing app lets users easily generate desired results without much effort. Clips edited in this software don’t have watermarks and can be easily uploaded across various social media channels. 

Key features of Kinemaster:

  • Comprehensive and versatile video editing tool.
  • Advanced tools and exciting features enhance the look and feel of clips.
  • User-friendly editing tools to completely alter the quality and precision of clips.
  • Can trim the videos frame-by-frame.
  • Controlling the speed of videos is effortless.
  • Can add multiple soundtracks on a video.

6.   InShot

InShot is another easy-to-use and comprehensive video editing app that helps users create striking videos. Using this app, you can trim, merge, cut, format, add blur effects, change the video speed, and add music, filter, and voiceovers in a clip easily. InShot is the best pick for small businesses and digital marketers to elevate their social presence among their target audience.

This app offers numerous editing options to convert a simple video into a professional-looking clip. Although this app is completely free to download and use, if you don’t purchase the premium plan the watermark will be displayed on your videos.

Key features of InShot:

  • Resizing the video is very convenient.
  • Ease of merging, trimming, splitting, and exporting videos.
  • Users can select any effects, stickers, animations, filters, and sound effects from an array of options.
  • Facial recognition and music suggestion.
  • Premium features to create collages and modify pictures.

7.   Adobe Premium Rush

Adobe Premium Rush is one of the best video editing apps for mobile. This app allows users to easily trim, crop, add zoom effects, text overlays, etc. You can easily display one video above the other using the split screen feature. The integration with social media is very convenient.

This app lets you add a thumbnail, resize the video ratio, schedule the post, and easily publish it across various social media platforms. You can change the color and font inside the video according to your needs. The ease of synchronizing data to its cloud makes this application great for diverse usage.

Key features of Adobe Premium Rush:

  • An array of in-built templates and titles to choose from.
  • Ease of exporting videos across various social media platforms.
  • Users can improve their videos via the preset color correction feature.
  • Adding transitions to any clip can be done with a click-and-drag option.
  • Adjusting speed and adding a soundtrack to a video is easy.

Concluding Thoughts

Videos are engrossing and most people prefer it over reading a long text. Every individual spends a substantial amount of time on social media to keep themselves entertained through videos.

Many marketers are already promoting their brands on social media with appealing videos and achieving the anticipated results.

If you have not given a shot to video marketing strategy, now is the time to do it. All apps on our list are the best mobile video editing apps, you can pick any and start a video marketing campaign today.

You will surely notice the progressive impact on your small business in no time!

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