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How to Develop a Mobile App for Your News Website & Publication Business

As technology is taking new shapes with every passing day, businesses are looking forward to embracing killer strategies. If you are operating a publishing business, you must hire dedicated app developer to add a mobile component to the news site. For users, the news application offers easy access to formulate information as to their convenience. Instead of buying paper at a newsstand, it’s way too easy to adopt smart technology. 

Over the past few years, newspaper publishers faced stiff competition from a variety of media and experienced a massive decline in print circulation and print revenue. In the UK, regular print circulation decreased. On the other hand, publishers have benefitted a record amount from the growing internet penetration, which rose globally by 47% (

It is not the case only with western countries; India also is on the same page with the growing trend to adopt mobile applications for news broadcast. Many Indian news enterprises claimed to have a severe decline in advertising revenue and TRP. If you are one of them, hire mobile app developer India to start a new journey in the internet world. 

Apart from the average time for a web application to load in a browser ranges from ten to fifteen seconds even with a strong internet connection. The same page can be loaded faster in a mobile application. Alternatively, you can also integrate the offline feature. In addition, the mobile application offers the possibility to engage your users, making them participants instead of passive readers. 

There are typically two types of digital news outlets

  • News aggregators 
  • Online magazines 

The former is referred to as a website or application that collects news from all over the web and presents it to the readers in an organized way. In comparison, the latter is an outlet with its editorial staff to decide what to publish. They both serve a distinct purpose, and their technology stack differs accordingly. 

With an application, you can build a robust global news brand and start to provide value to online readers. With a worldwide news mobile application, you can empower your brand recognition and help your business stand out among the crowd. 

Before you commence the new journey, take the following things into consideration: 

Identifying The Needs 

The primary thing to consider is understanding the need for your global news mobile application. Validation will confirm how much demand your application has. The next step to identify your need is to find out the local trends and look out for the industry’s marketplace. 

Finally, if you consider the trending features to incorporate in your application, you need adequate tech support to perform better in the long run. After evaluating the core factors, you can ensure there is a strong demand and user interest regarding the mobile program. 

Highlight The Core Features 

A powerful news application must have plenty of features. The following elements should be integrated for a high-scale news application: 

  • Newsfeed 
  • Search bar 
  • Filtering system 
  • Follow tags 
  • Visual customization (day mood/night mood) 
  • Sync across device 
  • Wide view 
  • Curated articles 
  • Offline mode 
  • Bookmarks 
  • Recommendation 
  • Social media sharing 
  • Push notification 
  • Commenting 
  • Geo-targeting 

Integrate Technology Stack 

The most noticeable difference between the technologies used for news aggregators compared to magazine application is depends on how the information is collected. For an online magazine, you have the required human resources to deliver rich articles, whereas news aggregators have two fundamental options: 


Crawlers or spiders are used to web scraping. Developers build crawlers from scratch for native performance or bought from third parties. Neither of these options is cheap. 

API Integration 

It is an illicit option since the featuring outlets will be visible in your application. By integrating API, you can automatically pull news feed into your application. 

Plan Your Monetization Model 

Before publishing your global news program, you need to consider the most lucrative ways of monetizing your application. Generally, news application developers have to choose between two popular monetization models: 

Subscription: This model is used mostly by online magazines for the latest update of any inclusion. It is considered to be the most valuable part of your business. 

In-App Advertisement: Apart from the free app model, you can also seek third-party ads. News giants like BBC News, Buzzfeed, etc., use this method for revenue. 

Apart from the popular model, you can also offer- 

Freemium: You can use this model to offer a somewhat clipped experience and give the entire experience at a price. You can offer a paid option to watch videos and remove ads interruption. 

Donation: It is the rarest model in news application as its outcome is not very evident. 

How much you need to invest in a newspaper application? 

The charges of the development process entirely depend on the intensity of the project. You can either hire a dedicated mobile app developer to take the project forward, or you can choose a reliable App Development Company India

Final Say 

There are many simple steps to take your idea forward with an app development company. With the fundamental steps discussed in the blog, you can make your business stand out among the crowd. Once you have decided on the primary formalities regarding the mobile application, it is time for you to invest in development and choose the profitable way to monetize your application. 

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