Laptops For Students

5 Things To Look Out For In Laptops For Students

With more educational institutions adopting the online class format, the demand for good laptops and other portable notebooks have skyrocketed. Though there are several laptops available in the market today that claim to be suitable for students, not every model proves useful enough.

Since laptops are high-end electronic devices, pupils need to be cautious when it comes to comparing laptops for students. To ensure that the laptop model they have picked is suitable for completing school and university assignments, individuals should check the accompanying features and benefits.

Things to check before buying a laptop for students

Here is a list of features that one should factor in while looking for laptops for students –

  1. Find out about the CPU

The laptop’s processor is among its most vital components and is solely responsible for execution of commands. This is why one should pay attention to its CPU and pick a model that is suitable for his/her requirements. 

For instance, a dual-core processor is considered quite useful for simple tasks like web browsing, writing assignments, etc. However, such a processor is not suitable for photo or video editing and gaming. The basic idea is the more is the core version, the better is the performance and more adept it is for multitasking. 

  1. Check the battery life

Laptops for students that come with extended battery life are more convenient to use and do not tie down students to their study table. Usually, it is recommended to buy a laptop that comes with a battery capacity of at least 7 hours. Also, one should look for laptops that take the least amount of time to charge. 

For instance, laptops under Rs.40000 like Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3i Intel Core i3 and 10th generation processor come with an 8 hours+ of battery backup. Such a feature lowers the risk of missing out on urgencies like critical online lectures or online exams, and helps turn in urgent assignments in time without missing the deadline.

  1. Pay attention to the screen

When it comes to the laptop screen, individuals should check three things – its screen size, resolution, and finish. Generally, laptops with a screen ranging from 13.6-inch to 15.6-inch are ideal for students. Laptops with a screen size smaller than 13.6-inch seem too cramped and convenient for usage. On the other hand, the ones with a screen size larger than 15.6-inch do not fit easily into backpacks and hence lack portability.

Also, students should be careful about screen finishing. Usually, a glossy screen projects more reflection than the ones with matte finishing. Similarly, those who prefer using multiple programs, especially side by side, may consider availing a laptop that has an HD resolution of 1920 x 1080-pixel and above.

  1. Go for a RAM and storage comparison

Storage is an essential component of laptops, and so is RAM. Usually, a RAM of 4GB is suitable for web browsing, watching videos, and checking email. Though one may be tempted to get a laptop with 8GB, one must note that a higher RAM drains the battery faster. 

So, in case one is looking for a laptop with prolonged battery life, he/she may opt for laptops with a 4 GB RAM. 

Similarly, individuals can look for laptops under 40000 that come with 256GB of SSD or 1TB of hard drive storage to store more data. Usually, laptops with high RAM and storage capacity are quite expensive. Nevertheless, individuals can purchase the best of the lot at No-Cost EMI with the help of the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. 

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  1. Ensure the quality of touchpad and keypad

Students’ assignments often involve long typing sessions. So, ideal laptops for students would be the ones that come with a convenient keyboard that helps with fluent typing. Also, they should pay attention to the spacing between the keys for a comfortable typing experience. 

  1. Check out for ease of connectivity 

Laptops that come with multiple ports prove to be more useful than the ones that come with just one port. Ideally, it is recommended to purchase a laptop with more than one USB 3.0 port. Such a feature comes in handy for students when it comes to transferring files on a hard drive or external disks. 

Hence, while checking the best laptops for students, individuals should consider these aspects in detail. Furthermore, they should factor in their budget and plan repayment accordingly to make the most of their purchases.

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