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How to Use Motion Graphic Video to Increase Your Brand Awareness

Have you been searching for ways to increase your brand awareness? Have you tried having an ad on the Super Bowl but can’t seem to afford it? Do you want to reach more people without spending huge amounts of money? The answer might be good motion graphic videos.

Video motion graphics are a great way to market your business, products, or services. Motion graphics are motion designs that are used in video production. They can be used as titles, lower thirds, transitions, and even as logos. 

This article is going to discuss how you can use motion graphic videos to increase brand awareness.

What is a Motion Graphic?

Motion graphics are animated or video clips that you can for various purposes. For example, a motion graphic can be used in marketing, education, or entertainment. They are created using designing software and then edited to create a final product.

The most popular motion graphic software programs include Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro X. 

The process of creating a motion graphic starts with conception and storyboarding. Once you’ve created your storyboard, you’ll need to sketch out your assets and ensure they fit within the constraints of the project. 

Three types of motion graphic videos you can create for your brand to promote awareness. 

  1. Emotive Videos

The aim of emotive motion graphic videos is to entice deep emotions inside the viewers. Emotive videos help brands to connect with their customers and form valuable relationships. The emotion drives the viewers to take a specific action once the video ends.

  1. Explainer Videos

Explainer motion graphics are created to explain your product or service to the audience in simpler terms. These videos are ideal for urging the audience to purchase your product/service. 

  1. Promotional Videos

Promotional motion graphic videos can help you promote your brand uniquely and captivatingly. In addition, promotional motion graphics drive conversions and can also be used as sales pitches.

Why do you need a Motion Graphic Video?

The simple answer is – They can help your business grow, educate, and reach new heights. That is why big and small businesses use motion graphic videos to achieve their goals.

Motion graphics can also be used in music videos or advertisements for non-profit organizations or charities. Motion graphic videos give your brand an edge over the competition. They allow you to convey your message more creatively than traditional video marketing. 

Hiring a professional motion graphics designer who knows how to use them effectively within your overall marketing strategy will increase brand awareness, directly generating more leads and engagement from your audience!

Benefits of using Motion Graphic video

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase sales
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Position yourself as a leader
  • Increase creativity on social media platforms
  • Easily accessible and shareable 
  • Turns any complex concept into consumable pieces.

1. Build a unique and better brand with Motion Graphics

Branding is the process of creating a unique name, symbol, or design that identifies the product or service of a business.

It helps create a sense of trust, loyalty, and recognition in the customers’ minds.

Video motion graphics are more likely to be shared than text-based content on social media. Therefore, it exposes more people to your brand and increases awareness about who you are as an organization.

Creating a video that showcases your brand’s unique values can help improve its standing in consumers’ minds. For example, if you’re selling an eco-friendly product, the motion graphics video could show how sustainable it is by showing the materials used and made.

2. Increase the sales and conversion rate of your products or services

It can also increase sales by making products more appealing to potential buyers. By creating a short video that shows off features of a product like speed or ease of use, you can make customers more likely to purchase it. 93% of businesses got a new customer through videos on social media. 

Remember: the video should be short enough so that viewers want to keep watching instead of getting bored or distracted by other things online!

It can increase conversions because they give users more information about what they’re buying before making their final decision. 

This allows them to feel confident in their purchase without worrying about whether or not they made the right choice because they know exactly what they’re getting into before committing!

So how exactly do motion graphic videos do this?

  • Motion graphic videos are a blend of designs that create an immersive experience for viewers. 
  • Motion graphic videos are interactive! They allow you to show off your brand personality through things like button clicks, hover states, and scroll effects that increase engagement with your audience by making them feel like part of the experience.
  • Motion graphic videos are easy to produce: they don’t require a lot of props or expensive equipment.

3. Position yourself as a leader in your industry

Positioning is creating a perception in the target audience’s minds about the relative importance of your brand or product compared with that of your competitors. Positioning is not just about marketing but also about the product itself.

Motion graphics are often used for explainer videos because they allow you to convey complex ideas quickly and easily. Additionally, you can show your expertise in the industry through motion graphics. For example, if you can convey that your brand is the best among the competition, why would the customer go somewhere else? 

Your positioning strategy should consider these factors:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What do they think and feel about you?
  • What do they want from you?
  • How are other companies positioned concerning yours? (Your competition)

4. Increase creativity and shareability on social media platforms

Whenever we talk about motion graphic videos, we have to discuss Melbourne Metro’s ‘Dumb ways to die.’ This video is one of my absolute favorites. The title is extremely catchy and compelling enough to urge viewers to click. Next is their creative animations, humorous storyline, and quirky music that demands your full attention. 

The video became extremely popular on social media platforms. It was shared and liked so much that it even got posted on popular social media pages like 9gag, etc. The campaign was so successful that it later became a game and acquired 240+ million views on YouTube.

The video is proof of how engaging and shareable motion graphic videos are. The visually appealing aspect of motion graphic videos allows them to stand out in an increasingly crowded space. As you can see from the above example, motion graphic videos work great not only on websites but also on social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat.

The creative freedom provided by motion graphic videos enables you to convey your messages in innovative and ingenious ways. 

5. Motion graphics can help improve your marketing strategy and make your videos more engaging.

Your marketing strategy plays a huge role in promoting brand awareness. Customers perceive your brand as you promote it. So, if you want customers to perceive your brand positively, you should create a video that highlights your strengths. 

Motion graphics can help you create a better brand image by making your videos more engaging and memorable. Motion design can help improve the overall quality of your video to be more effective in increasing brand awareness. 

The key is to think about these things as part of a bigger picture—they should all work together to create an end product that engages with its audience on multiple levels.

6. Create consumable content with motion graphics

People typically lose interest in videos after 2-3 minutes. In fact, many people don’t even click on videos that are too long. Therefore it is extremely crucial for brands to create short and easily consumable videos. Motion graphics allow you to convey the story in a few minutes, making the video digestible and clickable. 

Still doubtful? 

Check out this example of Deufol explaining the Industry 4.0 revolution through a motion graphic video. The video falls just over the minute mark and still adequately explains the industrial revolution to viewers. 

Final Thoughts!

Video motion graphics are an excellent way to create high-quality videos and add value to your brand. They are an interesting way to grab the attention of your potential audience. You can use them to create logos that are eye-catching and memorable. They can also be used as animations on Facebook or in email signatures.

Motion graphic videos can help your brand stand out from your competition. They will also increase your brand awareness and positively impact your sales and conversions. Motion graphics have gained so much popularity over the last few years because of their versatility in video marketing. They are unique and excitingly convey creative messages!

This is where motion graphic video excels – allowing you to express through video. No matter what message you choose to convey, motion graphics will allow you to do it with a certain flair, personality, and creativity that is inherently not there in a regular video, which is why they are so effective.

Author bio:- Komal Kokate is the Co-Founder and CEO of MotionGility, an Explainer Video Company. With a keen eye for creativity, she is an expert in video marketing. While delivering high results to clients, she loves exploring the market and the latest marketing trends in the B2B industry. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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