How to Rock in long Sleeve Dresses

Are you planning to go out tonight and don’t know which dress to wear? You can try out the long sleeve dresses. You’d think this look is unattractive and outdated, but designers are upgrading this pattern in a very contemporary way today. Check out our tips on how to rock in long sleeve dresses and you won’t look anything like your grandma in any way.

  • Sheer sleeves are provocative. 

This advanced addition will make your look more provocative while also reminding you of the past with the long sleeves. Eye-catching cuffs and rings will attract the attention of anybody and make your dress appear more modern. 

  • Short is still decent.

Regardless of your point of view, short lengths are relevant. The short theme will still be a great addition to this humble idea of ​​the dress style. The idea here is to maintain the dressing style short but without being indecent; something over the knee length is the smartest choice. However, if you are extremely demanding, go for a mid-thigh style but support your style with either a coat or solid sleeves to keep everything somewhat conservative.

  • White is a powerful theme

Another great idea is to wear your long-sleeved dress in white. This is powerful, and most importantly, an unforeseen twist on the more modestly styled dress. To keep everything fresh and new, combine your dress with eye-catching jewelry.  


Since you know how to do it, there is no need to fear long sleeve dresses. Use these courteous tips when you go shopping and you will look amazing. Be sure to choose a dress that fits your size, because you have to be extremely picky when buying dresses with long sleeves. Finally, try to keep the tones like white, naval, and dull to keep up with the trend.