How to increase height naturally

10 Tips How to Increase Height Naturally | Height Increasing Exercise

There are several factors which can increase height naturally. Some people think height totally depends on genetic factor it is true but not the whole truth. It’s only 65 to 85 percent true there is another side also. You have seen some fathers are tall and his children not good enough in height. Human’s height depends on Grow hormones that are HGH.

You have seen that good height always makes your personality as an individual anyone can recognize you easily and it is also true tall people always become the center of attraction.  Some people may not agree with this but short height always creates a lack of confidence in a group and many other places. With short height people hard to get socialize with everyone.

You can increase height naturally. There are some important to increase your height if you will follow these steps so defiantly you will know how to increase height naturally.


10 Tips How to Increase Height Naturally

1. Yoga Helps to Increase the Height

yoga always good for health if you do regularly all you need to know what the right way to do this is and what yoga poses you have to do for increasing height.  The best part is you can do it your home or if you have a garden or field so it is best and you don’t have spent money on buying anything.

height increase exercise

It makes you fit and there are the most important poses to help increase height. Such as  Pleasant pose known as (Sukhasana), Cobra pose known as (Bhujangaasana), Mountain pose known as (Tadasana), Pleasant pose known as (Sukhasana), and the Tree pose known as (Vriksasana)Triangle pose known as (Trikonasana)

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2. Good Balance Diet

Good balance is essential for proper nutrition to eat healthy always.  Don’t eat junk food fully avoid if you can otherwise it may harm your body. Don’t drink carbonated drinks such as soft drinks and soda water that is not good for health. Always eat that from that you can take vitamins for your body as much as your body need. Vitamin D is the key factor in promotes bone health. Intake vitamin D or concern your doctor about that. Read key to Good Health

  • Eat fresh Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Eat fresh vegetable

You should avoid that food which contains …….  Fully explain here…..

  • Sugar
  • Fat
  • Saturated Fats
  • Alcohol

3. Sleep Well

This is true HGH (human growth hormone) is most important hormone in the body to increase height naturally and our body generates more Human growth hormone while we Sleep during puberty children should sleep between 9 to 11 hours continuously. If you sleep like 4 hours once then 5or 6 hours that is not good it is a sign that your HGH will not work properly. More you will sleep it may increase your human growth hormone. Sleeping facts

This chart will explain to you how much you should sleep according to your age size.

sleep chat for all age

4. Stretch your Body With Good Posture

Many people start stretching body but after some days they thought it is not working fine but that is wrong everything takes the time that is one and you may not practice good posture that is the second reason. Your back should curve naturally in three places. If you regularly slump or slouch.

Always happy be calm during stretching or making good posture stress and tension will affect your body very badly and you may lose your weight also because of street and tension always live a happy life. You can watch this in video whole sequence how to do posture that can help you to increase height naturally.

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5. Be Active Always

Take part in every sports your body will automatically stretch when you take part in sports activities you can do jumping, running, skipping it increases your stamina and swimming is one of the best ways to increase your height in swimming your hands and your legs work properly.

There are many sports as well as tennis volleyball if you want minimum risk you can walk as much as you want.

6. Don’t Use Many Pills

In the market, there are many pills available and they guarantee you if you take these pills you can increase your height. It is only a waste of money and waste of time. Concern your doctor before taking these steps in research shows there are many people who did always get fail and they also faced health-related problems because of useless pills.

My suggestion is never to use pills to increase height if you want to take it then cancers you doctor first. It may cause your health.

7. Maintain Your Timetable

When you focus on anything there is a huge chance after you can leave this after some time when you feel not good result or you can left because of other reason as well. Make you timetable according to your best time suppose if you have an argent work so you can manage that work.

You will not have to leave to exercise and many other activities because you have a backup plan that is your time mention spare time in your time as well so you can manage other work during that time.

8. Build your Internal Confidence

Every person should extraordinary confidence it helps you every moments in life  suppose if you have increase height naturally and you don’t have confidence that is like (you have a mobile but you don’t have charge) anyone can pick you in one time because your height but after some time he will release that person is not charged himself so maybe he can remove you building confidence is not a big deal do that work in which you face problem after some time you will release that it was only matter of time and now you have changed.

9. Improve your Digestion

There are many childhood problems can cause your height. If your digestion system was not in childhood and your body felt illness this may be the reason for your stopped height. But this kind of illness can be removed by regular intake of vitamin C. There are many ways to get good digestion system by eating, fresh food and fresh food. the fully Explain immune system here……

10. Height Increasing Factor

There are two types of height increasing factor in your body that is genetic and nongenetic. How much HGH produced by your pituitary glands that many of your changes to increase height. Know more about human height

In genetic factor that is very easy to understand it is that hormone which child take to his parent in a simple way if his father’s height is 6 feet to there are 70percent chance his son will get that much height. (approx)

You should also know the Nongenetic factor there are many parents they are not much taller so their children will also get that hormone that will not help to increase tall height naturally. For those people who can increase height naturally by reading this blog post which I have mentioned in my best and easy way.

In the end, I will say 80-90 percent height increase during puberty rest of them after some time. If you are in your puberty you have a great chance to get a good height if you follow all the steps. You have ve chance do it and make your life shine after all your happiness is matters for us.

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