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The Best Study Practices Followed for the Preparation of Examinations?

Examinations are not so horrible as considered by many of the students. Depending upon the study practices it changes from one to another. Good and well-prepared examinations will always be non-stressful and also successful. So prior to the examination all the students should follow some good ways to encourage yourselves by proper planning.

Some students will be good in one subject and some will be weak in other subjects. So make sure that all subjects are covered before the examinations with thorough knowledge of the concepts. Science-related subjects will be having more content and problem-solving. So work on the science questions more. 

How to prepare effectively for exams?

Always make sure about the examination date and subjects on the preferred dates. So that you can plan accordingly with those subjects a month before itself.

  1. Find a good, calm and relaxing place to study. This is one of the important things to be done first itself.
  2. Any materials or things that make you distracted should be avoided. Examples like mobile phones, magazines, etc.
  3. Study materials can be used after learning the chapters thoroughly which will be helpful for accessing your knowledge on the concepts.
  4. Timetables are the best thing which you can prepare before starting studying. Subjects can be learned according to the time. For example, mathematics will be related to equations and solving problems rather than theories. So it can be planned according to the time when you get bored.
  5. Health is also important while preparing for the exams. So have three liters of water per day for boosting your brain as well as mind.

One of the best study materials which you can refer to is BYJU’S sample papers for science questions. Questions are prepared by experts and it will be very useful for students to access themselves.

Benefits of solving question answer papers

There are so many benefits for solving the question-answer papers. While learning or studying concepts students may forget the concepts. So prior to the exams the mock test will be effective for knowing how much he/she has to improve. This way can help them to gain enough confidence as well as satisfaction. For example, a biology question is provided for labeling the parts of a plant. You will be able to do so while solving the question-answer paper. So this gives an idea before writing the exam.

  • Academic questions may vary in patterns. So students who are going to write the exams for the first time will feel difficulties in answering the questions. So always try to do a mock test before going to write the examination
  • Practicing mock test papers can give you an idea of which subject you are weak at and which all are still in memory. So that one can plan accordingly in the subjects again and revise them.
  • By doing this, one can understand the marking scheme. The questions to be answered in such a way that marks are provided. 
  • Maths related questions can be solved very fast as it consumes much of your time

So before examination solving, sample questions gives you those benefits. Always be confident while writing the exam. Revise the subjects twice or thrice until you are confident about writing the exam.


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