Organic Hair Colour

Everything You Need to Know About Damage-free Hair Coloring

Majority of Commercial Hair Colors are chemical-based apart from regular Henna Dyes. They contain ammonia, ppd or hydrogen peroxide that penetrates hair strands deposits the color while damages the hair from within. We strongly suggest you to wisely pick your hair color, even in salon appointments, ask your experts that which brand hair color they are using on your hair. Is the hair Color Natural or Chemical-based? Choosing natural hair colors are the best as these are non-damaging hair color suits almost every skin and hair type of every age and gender.

Indus Valley introduces a promising damage-free hair color, an Indus Valley Hair Colour assembles of Organically certified ingredients. The Natural Gel Hair Colour is answerable to most of your hair Color questions may rolling in your head.

Can we expect Damage-free results from Hair Color?

Yes! of course, the gentle impacts and chemical-free nature of Gel Colour give amazing color to the hair and due to the presence of herbs and gel-forming agents, you will get the deep nourishment and zero damage to the hair. Indus Valley Gel Hair Color is available in Six Beautiful Shades from Black, Brown to Burgundy & Copper Mahogany.

Will it Covers the just started developing grey strands of hair?

Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour is again answerable with a big ‘Yes’, it gives guaranteed grey hair coverage in a one-time application without disrupting your natural hair color that commercial chemical-based hair color usually does. But this Extra safe & Gentle Hair Colour meant to preserve hair color beauty with natural impacts.

Will it Lighten the hair?

Oops! Sorry, this time the answer is “No”. The Gel Hair Colour is free of all harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide that acts as a bleaching agent for hair and penetrates the hair strands damaging the hair from within. But Indus Valley Natural Gel Hair Color forms of Herbs & botanicals as Amla, henna, Honey, Aloe vera and others that give your hair the darker impacts and amazing natural gloss.

Is the Hair Color Temporary or Permanent?

The Natural hair color is free of harmful chemicals and this Gel Colour is a semi-permanent hair color lasts for 3 weeks or may more depending on the state of your hair.  We would like to recommend to use some natural color protection products as Indus Valley Color Protective Shampoo (Available inside the Gel Hair Color Pack) and the most unique Bio Organic Color Protection Aloevera that helps make hair color lasts long.

Is Hair Color Affordable?

Indus Valley Natural Gel Hair Colour is a most reasonable premium quality Hair Color available with all the pre and post coloration requirements in the pack. You don’t even need to add water to it as it is a gel-based color (Gel mix is available inside the box). The pack contains Hair Color powder, Gel Mix, Applicator Brush & Comb, Pair of gloves, Color Protective Shampoo, Hair eaze spa, and the Instruction leaflet.

I hope you get all the answers you had in your mind for hair coloration. So now, Go and give a try to this wonderful Damage-free Indus Valley Gel Hair Colour and Sparkle with Stunning Colored Hair. Happy Coloring to you!

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