Classic Cartoon Network Shows of 90s Aired in India

List of Classic Cartoon Network Shows of 90s Aired in India

Cartoons are the first friend of every child especially those who were born between the 1990s to 2000 as those day cartoons and the outdoor games were the only media for children to spend there leisure time as the internet was not common in those days.

Nowadays young children have PSPs, game boys, other computer games, watch series and rarely watch cartoons. The children who do watch cartoons have to feed on similar Chinese cartoon programs as these days cartoons shows have less and less variation, most of the cartoon channels air the Chinese or Japanese cartoons with a few exceptions.

To revive some old memories and give the younger generation an insight into those old good days, here is the list of classic cartoon network shows of the 90s aired in India.

Johnny Bravo

On this list “Johnny Bravo” defiantly deserves the first place mention as it was an iconic cartoon character. The cartoon episodes follow the Johnny’s struggle to find a match for him as he presumes that every girl likes him but in reality, they don’t. His character always wears close-fitted blue denim and a black T-shirt. His hairs were blond and long and had a macho and athletic body.

The Jetsons

Jetsons is a show to whom the scientists look upon to invent new gadgets as it was a cartoon show settled in the far future where everything is lightning easy thanks to the crazy and unimagined gadgets. Jetsons cartoon show tells the story of a jetsons family consisting of parents and there to children. Every episode tells the story of a casual occurring scenario’s future picture with great comic relief.

The Flinstones

The Flinstones is the opposite of the jetsons but were not short of anything as compared to them. Unlike the jetsons which was settled in the far future, Flinstones plot was based on the Stone Age era and how humans were leading their usual life at that time. The biggest fetching point of the show was that they had a solution for everything from dishwashing to traveling, all that in a very old fashioned way. The story of the program revolves around the two neighbor couples whose families were very close to each other as their men go to the same job, their women spend their time in each other’s house and their children play with each other all the time. The show gives a strong message of how to create good things at the tame of having bad recourses.

Swat Kats

Swat Kats was the name that still resonates in the mind of all the 90s boy and they will run to you if they hear it from your mouth. The show had a very different cast and assembles as it was a show based upon the city, whose residents were the humanoid-cats. In that city there lived two mechanic cats, who secretly owned a fighter plane with jaw-dropping specs and gadgets. They prevent the whole city from different vicious villains all the time.

Scooby Doo

This was one of the pioneer cartoon of the 90s every single child of 90 can still memories the iconic line of the show “Scooby dooby do where are you?” The follow the story of four friends and a talking doggy. All of them uncover the mysteries of fake monsters and ghosts who haunt the people for some of the other things. Shaggy and Scooby spell the great comic timing and watching the duo was like a laughing riot. The show gives a strong message of being brave, apply mind in every bad situation, be generous, and love the animals.

The Adams Family

The Adams family was a huge delight for the people who loved the spooky, magical, crazy, and insane stuff. The show revolves around the ghostly family of Adams who lives in a haunted house. The family has two kids, a couple, a grandma, a servant, an uncle, and a helping hand (in a literal sense). Their house was filled with weird stuff like an infinite-house train, a big room filled with gold coins, magic brooms, cauldrons, and potions, etc. It became such a popular trend that they were made into a film with the same title in later years.


The sailor man- admit it or not, Popeye was the reason behind the 40% rise in the spinach production during the great depression of the 90s. This legendary character has so many things in his honor. Initially made as a sidekick, he developed as the cartoon icon and later on as a movie star.

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