Best High-speed Internet Service Providers of 2020: What makes them the Leader?

India is a vast country with more than a billion people who call it home. The country is also known for its relatively cheaper internet access prices. This is made possible due to the large number of internet service consumers, many of whom belong to a lower economic class.

There are also several Internet Service Providers throughout the country with many of them present only in a particular locality or state while some cover the entire country. Along with the coverage, several other factors have set one Internet Service Provider or ISP apart from others while the competition for the top spot is fierce with each ISP trying to gain a competitive advantage.

With this competition, the customers can benefit by getting access to innovative technology solutions, higher data speed, more affordable data plans, and easier account management services. Let us see some of these parameters that can help us compare the ISPs and find out which one comes out on top. Here are the top ISPs in India as of 2020:


  • Airtel – Airtel is one of the top ISPs in the country. It is the current market leader covering almost the entire country with its network. One of the factors that have contributed to the success of Airtel is the focus on customer service which has created a strong service culture throughout the company. The other factors include unlimited data with all their broadband plans, speed up to 1 GBPS, and free compatible router with each broadband connection which can save the customers a lot of money. Customers also get a free landline to make free unlimited STD and Local calls to any number in the country. You can also unlock benefits such as subscriptions to Wynk Music App, Amazon Prime, Hellotunes, and free course with a subscription to Shaw Academy. You also can manage the entire connection easily through the Airtel Thanks App for usage reminders, and quick bill payments.

  • BSNL – The state-owned BSNL is still favored by a lot of broadband customers, especially the older generation who still have the landline connections of BSNL and want to be with the same provider. They have revised their data plans recently with more data allowance under the Fair Usage Policy and higher speeds. The BSNL customer service is often mechanical and lacks the warmth and friendliness that many customers demand these days. The BSNL network has a wide coverage and therefore it is preferred by a lot of customers who live in smaller towns and remote locations.

  • MTNL – Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited is another one of the undertakings of the Government of India, which mainly focused on tier 1 and tier 2 cities. The MTNL plans offer high speed however the speed after the FUP has been exhausted comes down to 1 or 2 Mbps which is below the expectations of many users. The FUP limit for the plans is low which is easily consumed by modern users.

  • Jio Fiber – The Jio Fiber has recently been launched in India and steadily gaining popularity due to affordable plans and offers. The specifications of the plans are a fine balance between data speed and data usage. The real downside is that the plans are not available at all locations yet. It is also offering to its customers a package of combined services of data, voice calling service through a fixed-line telephone, as well as DTH services similar to the offering of Airtel.

  • ACT Fibernet – Although it does not provide an unlimited plan, ACT Fibernet is fast growing its customer base to a lot of cities in India. The data cap of 1000 GB that they offer with their ACT Platinum Promo comes for INR 999 plus taxes and a speed of 150 Mbps which fits the needs of most customers. Although it is mostly concentrated on South India, it is slowly making its footprints in other parts of the country including the national capital, Delhi.


These Internet Service Providers are the best in the country; however, one may have a few benefits more than the other. If you would like to get some of the best broadband plans in the country, you can go with Airtel Broadband. You get a free router and a phone to make unlimited calls anywhere in the country. All the broadband plans of Airtel Broadband come with unlimited data which is perfect for most internet users. To get a new broadband connection of Airtel broadband you can visit their page here.  

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