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Understanding the Range of Basement Waterproofing Products

Having a fully functional basement creates a massive impact on the lifestyle of the owner. Since that space offers enough opportunities to park your car, store big items, machinery that you don’t use very often, etc., the reliance on a basement is easily justified. On the other side, even the smallest issues of the basement create big hurdles. One of the major issues that people face in this regard is water seepage and leakage. The biggest problem with this seepage issue is the fact that one solution doesn’t usually help to get rid of this issue altogether. An effective strategy requires a set of solutions. With this article, we are going to throw some light on the available options. Several processes by the experts and products in the market can help you get rid of this problem quickly. Before that, here are some signs to look for in case you suspect that your basement is not waterproof.

Signs of basement damage that may lead to water seepage

Look for cracks

Even the minutest cracks are potential culprits. Identification of any crack should follow proper remedy in time otherwise things will take a bad turn in the long run. 

The presence of white powder-like substances on the wall

It is called Efflorescence in technical language. In case you are seeing the accumulation of such powdery substance in your basement (on the walls, near the floor, etc.), it is a sure indication that the basement is not waterproof and it is time to start working on it. 

Paint peeling off the wall

When the paint starts peeling off the walls, it is a sign that there is the presence of water in the walls underneath the paint(water is coming from the outside). Many people make the mistake of applying another coat of paint to tackle this issue but that will never work if the seepage from the outside is not stopped. 

Internal waterproofing sealants

You can attempt waterproofing your basement internally with the interior sealants and this process is easy as compared to the external waterproofing. The sealants that are available for this purpose are highly effective because they are made up of epoxies. For those who are not familiar with epoxies, it is one of the strongest adhesives available in the market today. Additionally, these are highly suitable for interior usage. Whether you are talking about the floors or the walls, internal basement waterproofing products are one of the best and most efficient options that you have. 

External waterproofing agents

The products of this domain are strong enough to withstand the impact of climate while protecting your basement from external moisture and other forms of water seepage. As experts put it, these products are polymer-based. Polymer-based agents for waterproofing are said to last for a lifetime due to their strong adhesive nature. The latest technological enhancements have enabled companies to manufacture external sealants that are absolutely unaffected by the pH of the soil outside. 

Applying it is a fairly simple process as well because all you need to do is spray them directly on the wall. Just make sure that the wall is ready for painting i.e. you have taken care of dents and pores. There are separate products (cement and non-cement-based) available for dents and similar issues. 

Crack injections

In several cases, the culprit behind water seepage is a crack in the foundation. You should know that concrete and epoxy-like products will be entirely or significantly fruitless in case of cracks. Crack injections are specially made for unfortunate cracks in the foundation. These are also polymer-based but they work very well in bonding the damaged concrete regions of a foundation. 

Drainage systems

This is more like an additional product after you seal the basement region with waterproofing agents. No matter which method you opt for to get rid of moisture inlet, you won’t be able to stop that if there is water logging near the wall whether it be inside the basement or the outside. So, having an efficient drainage system will be highly helpful for you in the long run. 

A sump pump is the best solution for interior drainage in your basement and suitable pumps are available for exterior drainage as well. 

You will be able to get more ideas about the right product and strategies once you meet an expert in this field. Long story short, you will have long-lasting proofing against water inside your basement. 

Final words

Understanding the situation perfectly beforehand is the key. No method will work if you don’t cure the fundamental issue. That is why we suggest you opt for multiple basement waterproofing products to tackle this issue. Make it waterproof with one of the materials that we have mentioned above and complement that with the drainage system. With this combination, you can rest assured that things will be far from fine even in the future.

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