Advice That Can Help You Succeed in Medical School

So, the medical school counseling has got you admitted to your dream med school, and you’re all set to start your session, right? Or, you still might be waiting for the admission results and are curious about the medical studies.

In either case, you must know that medical studies are known to be the most difficult. They demand significant and regular investments of time. Therefore, adopting a lifestyle in accordance with the discipline is essential to give oneself the best chance of success.

Today, we disclose some advice for medical students who want to succeed in their studies with flying colors :

1. Introduce Yourself  to Curriculum in Advance

Becoming aware of what awaits you will allow you to experience this adventure serenely. Being surprised by the difficulty during your year may increase your stress or lead to dangerous demotivation. Knowing the curriculum will help you start your studies with the maximum number of keys in hand. You can use the official website of your med school for this.

Tip: Contacting former students and creating an environment conducive to concentration are good initiatives to take before entering this new world.

2. Stay Focused On Your Goal

You will learn more during the first year of medicine, the equivalent of what you have learned since the beginning of your life. So, yes, it’s difficult, but it’s also super encouraging. You will learn about yourself and discover resources that you did not know until now. So the 1 st year is like an intellectual and human experience out of the ordinary, the kind of experience that we remember all our life. You will come out of it – grown and matured, just stay focussed on your goal.

3. Keep A Regular Rhythm Over The Long Term

In view of the high level of medical studies, it is preferable to avoid last-minute study and revisions. Due to the amount of information to be integrated over a short period, you must keep yourself up to date.The best medical school admissions counseling experts say that not being overwhelmed by events is real advice for a medical student. Therefore, you should daily invest time in your studies to not let yourself overcome by doubts and gaps. It will allow you to approach the exams more relaxed and better manage your time.

4. Find A Life-Balance

To avoid the stress that affects students, it is essential to know how to say “stop”.  Simply put – knowing how to keep a balance between private and social life. It is necessary for your psychological health. As a medical student, staying in the race requires a perfect balance between family and friends, studies, and leisure.

5. Effective Break = Productive Work

During a working day, whether it’s class, prep, revisions, or mock exams, we all give ourselves breaks, lunch break, coffee break, pee break, etc. We need these breaks to breathe, get some fresh air, and get back to work better. However, not all breaks are equal.  For a break to be truly profitable and put us back in good condition to concentrate, it must be efficient.

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What is an effective break? It’s a break that really recharges the batteries. Like go out, walk around the block, talk with a friend or a workmate, take a little jog, or read a chapter of a novel. It is up to everyone to find what type of brake suits them best.

Lastly, keep in mind that the most critical points for success in medical school are:

  • Be regular,
  • Eat well,
  • Sleep well,
  • Keep a sporting or artistic activity,
  • Take effective breaks,
  • Switch off your phone and other distractions during working hours,
  • Find your own way of working and organizing, not that of books but the one that works for you,
  • Give meaning to your efforts by building your medicine project,
  • Find your rhythm of working from the beginning of the 1 st year of medical,
  • Overcome your moments of doubts, your anxieties, or your stress.


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