productive design trends for this New Year

6 Productive Design Trends for this New Year 2021

With the New Year on our doorsteps, it is important to take out a little time to make loved ones feel special in one way or another. New Year packaging allows us to become creative as individuals, especially when it comes to presenting our dear ones with the most memorable gifts. This packaging is a perfect example of imagination and creativeness. Let’s have a look at some amazing design trends for the coming year.

Colors Seem Fantasizing 

This New Year Packaging is graced with the most vibrant and astonishing color schemes to add a touch of fantasy to the ambiance. There is not a typical color that could be used. Colors portray a visual representation of a particular brand. It does affect the purchasing decisions of people in one way or another and holds a great impact on their opinions and feelings for various products. These colors make the product stand out and distinguish its individuality in the most playful manner. They tend to draw customer attention in an instance. PMS and CMYK color schemes are used and do not fade away when coming in contact with water.

Add-ons are the Essence 

Custom packaging boxes for New Year are graced with the most attractive and unique add-ons. Gloss, matte, and Spot UV are used on the packaging to make it appear luxurious and top-notch in terms of quality. Moreover, finishing options are used to give the customer an enticing experience of unboxing. To add further charm and elegance to the outer appearance of the die-cut windows are used to give any sort of item a transparent visual sight. Silky colorful ribbons can also be used as the experience of untying a ribbon from a present becomes special and exciting. These one-of-a-kind add-ons attract more customers towards the product.

Print for Meaning 

Imprinting is seemingly the crux of packaging, and without imprinting, the packaging might appear monotonous. Custom printed boxes are printed with the most catch art and design to add livelihood and meaning. The latest 3-D technology is used to imprint this packaging with the use of soy-based organically make inks that remain in place even when coming in contact with liquids. Businesses for the purpose of brand recognition get their names, logos, slogans, and mission and vision statements imprinted on the packaging.

Labels for Guidance 

Labeling and printing go side by side. Custom Boxes USA assures trivial but informative labeling on the packaging as it assists the right customer in buying the right product rather than wasting time and picking the wrong ones. It could be used to greet the customers a happy New Year. Different font styles and colors could be used to add a little life to the writing. The purpose of labeling must be put across effectively.

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Place a Tiny Note Inside

Presenting your dear ones with a gift on this occasion is simply overwhelming. It is the time when people look into various ideas to express their love and affection for one another. A trivial personal wishes note could be placed inside the packaging with a one-liner to wish them in the coming year. These notes can be kept for a long time and leave a very warm impression on the recipient.

A Paper Bag could be Used

Paper bags are quite lightweight and come in handy because of the handles attached to them. These bags make the recipient feel that extra efforts have been made to add value to the present and keep it in place. This packaging is cheap and gives a good return on the minimal investment that is made by businesses. Also, printed cardboard boxes  allows businesses to buy this packaging in huge quantities to attain low-cost favors.

Demand for New Year packaging is increasing day by day as people await the special day. With so much happened in the year 2020, people all over the world are keeping their hopes high for the coming year. We pray and hope that that the coming year turns out to be favorable for every single individual.


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