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6 Packaging Ideas for your Pre Roll Business

Making your pre-roll packaging more attractive and eye-catchy is necessary to differentiate your business from several competitors. If you want to create a brand that stands out in this constantly evolving industry, you have to design your packaging more creatively. The manufacturers can experiment with an array of styles starting from traditional cigarette-style boxes to attractive child-resistant joint tubes to give a mesmerizing display. As the laws related to cannabis packaging vary from place to place, therefore, sometimes it becomes a tricky element to understand. However, most of the brands still drive through innovative packaging solutions to establish a unique brand identity. Here we are going to highlight 6 interesting packaging ideas for your pre-roll business. They will provide a good spotlight to your brand and help you in gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Pre-Roll Boxes:

Pre-roll boxes are one of the most commonly used and effective packaging solutions for your cannabis packaging. This high-end packaging is designed in a way to keep your products safe and secure. Moreover, such an innovative packaging solution gives your products a uniqueness that is necessary to set your brand apart from the competition. Design them with your logo and other branding requirements to make them more recognizable for the customers. Choose the artwork and printing designs of your choice. This helps the businesses to provide a deeper sense of pleasure and appeal to fascinate everyone.

Most of the pre roll packaging comprises of a wrap or a paper to place the ground cannabis, and a prop like structure to stop the immovably at the pre roll’s base. Some of the pre-roll boxes are sold as singular cylinders, while others come together as multi-packs. No matter whatever design you choose, the packaging is perfect enough to retain the quality of your products for a long. It protects marijuana from damage, proving to be a durable, versatile, and efficient solution to keep your products together in one place. Customize them with unlimited styles to highly your brand more effective.

Interesting Facts:

Pre-roll boxes are one of the most amazing packaging solutions as they help you superbly.  Here are a couple of interesting facts you need to know about your pre-roll packaging:

  • They have tremendous structure and shape.
  • Without much of a stretch alters you can use them for a variety of pre-rolls.
  • It does not only provide maximum protection to your delicate products also proves great from a functional point of view.
  • Pre-roll boxes are used in various perspectives. They can be customized in an array of shapes, sizes, and designs depending upon your specifications.

Pre-Roll Paper Tubes:

Pre-roll paper tubes are a wonderful idea for businesses who want to be unique by thinking outside the box. They are cylindrical and made from paperboard or cardboard. The material is sturdy enough to keep your pre-rolls safe. Same as custom boxes, these paper tubes are also available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Customize them by full-color printing, CMYK color printing, foil stamping, embossing, de-bossing, aqueous coating, spot UV, printed labels, gloss/matte lamination, and a lot more.

These customization options are worth providing an amazing display to your pre-rolls. The paper tubes give a premium and natural feel that stands out from the crowd.  This simple packaging emphasizes the cleanliness and high-quality of the product, also giving a bright, eye-catching display to inspire a purchase. Its slim, generic profile is perfect to seal the freshness and increase the potency of your cannabis products. The design provides good resistance against rough handling.

Pre-Roll Tin Packaging:

Metallic tins are another interesting cannabis pre roll packaging idea. It is getting trendy these days due to its elegant and magnificent look. It has an enormous power to influence consumer purchase decisions by creating a great shelf impact. The tin packaging can be shaped in any size for small and large pre-roll joints. Whether you want it with a window, handle, lid, die-cut pattern, or a screw top, it can be customized in any way you want. The manufacturers provide you with multiple full-color printing options to differentiate your products from several others in the crowd. The pre-roll tin packaging acts as a barrier against moisture, oxygen, and contamination, proving to be a protective solution for your marijuana products.

Pre-Roll Bags & Pouches:

It is a custom-designed solution that is cost-effective as well as easy to use. The packaging is made according to the FDA’s regulations and can be printed with high-resolution graphics to enhance your brand’s value and customers’ appeal. Pre-roll bags and pouches are designed with a lamination barrier that provides good resistance against oxygen while preserving the flavor, aroma, or appearance of the pre-rolls. Specialized features like re-closure zippers, windows, die-cuts, and tear notches; etc can be introduced on demand. The packaging is flexible, durable, protective, and perfect enough to maintain convenience and re-usability.

Child-Resistant Pre-Roll Tubes:

A child-resistant pre-roll tube never goes out of fashion. These high-quality push n turn tubes are good for protecting your pre-roll joints to keep marijuana safe. The packaging is child-resistant, made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic, and meets ASTM standards. This pre roll packaging is odor-resistant and proves to be an optimal solution for locking in the product’s freshness.

Pop-Top Pre-Roll Tubes:

These pre-roll pop-top tubes have extraordinary features. They are CPSC certified, child-resistant, waterproof, and compliant in various regulated markets. It is equipped with a squeeze and pop hinged lid that makes it odor-tight to keep your pre-rolls fresh and secure. Pre-roll pop-top tubes are commonly used industry-wide. They can be branded with a label, or a print to make your packaging more eye-catchy for the consumers.

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