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6 hidden strategies will make your vape packaging look fantastic

Vape packaging has gotten much acceptance industry-wide mainly because of its amazing display features. The packaging is made from cardstock that is die-cut friendly material. It means that you can design your vape boxes in almost any shape and size of your choice to provide an amazing look. Moreover, it is well known for its best printing and graphics capability. This provides a special benefit to the businesses to design their vape boxes more attractively. As compared to traditional packaging options, be playful with a variety of designs to leave a memorable impression on customers. Here we are going to reveal six hidden strategies to make your vape packaging look more fantastic:

Follow Minimalism:

With the advancement in technology, every company switches to a wide mix of packaging designs to complement its products. Among a wide range of options, minimalism stands out when it comes to vape packaging. This is because sometimes a simple and elegant design creates a broader appeal than the one bombarded with excessive patterns and flashy colors. The days of bold and bash packaging have come to an end. Trends are changing now. Consumers seek more sophistication. The packaging designs depicting a picture of minimalism work more effectively to attract consumers. The people have got bored by seeing the same things in their cartridge packaging.  They search for the uniqueness that gives a stand out effect. Minimalism is such a strategy that makes your product more comprehensive for the customers. On the other hand, vape packaging having complex designs hinders the customers in understanding even the basic details.

Therefore, whether you are going to design vape cartridge packaging or boxes for any other vaping product, never forget that minimalism can thrive you in this competitive market. Use some high contrasting elements having a simple layout or choose one particular aspect of your business which you want to highlight. For example, if you want to showcase the ecological nature of your product, use some visual element like a striking picture or strong typography to depict it.

Experiment with Innovative and Creative Shapes:

Custom vape packaging is so flexible that businesses can easily experiment with a variety of innovative and creative shapes. Here are some of the interesting variations that can make your vape boxes look fantastic:

  • Flip-top vape packaging: The flip-top boxes have an opening on their top end. They can easily open and close just by a single flip of the fingers. The style was first introduced for smoking items but it continued to be perfect enough to attract a large customer base. As vaping products contain less percentage of nicotine, but by using the same professional containers as cigarettes, you can instantly grab the attention of consumers.
  • Slider vape boxes: The slider boxes have been used very effectively in influencing the purchase decisions of the consumers. The manufacturers have started using them for their custom vape cartridge packaging. This slider-shaped design is made from two parallel layers sliding on each other. As it is designed from cardboard, this makes it sturdy and durable enough to protect your fragile vaping products.
  • Tuck-end vape boxes: Giving the shape of the tuck-end to your vape packaging can give it a highly adorable look. The tuck-end boxes have both ends tucked towards each other. Using such a shape will make your vape boxes lightweight and smaller in size, which the customer likes.

Window Encasements:

Naturally, customers are always concerned about the type of product packed inside. It is true also in the case of vaping products. As a manufacturer, you can satisfy their curiosity by introducing vape packaging that has one or more windows on its surface. Die-cut designs are also becoming trendy these days. They are made by using advanced technologies. Window or die-cut encasements are made by cutting a specific portion of the package and covering it with a transparent lamination sheet. Such a design is not only practical to use but also makes your packaging look fantastic.

Use Colorful Prints:

Being minimal does not necessarily mean that you can’t use colorful prints. Although time demands that your vaping product should be presented elegantly but by making the best use of color, you can make your products stand out from the competition. In the case of vape cartridge box packaging, you can do this by implementing colorful graphics and eye-catchy fonts. Use the latest printing technologies to make your packaging look adorable. Similarly, make your brand name, logo, and product description, etc pleasing for the consumer’s eye by using a creative and artistic approach.

Think About the Experience:

In addition to providing maximum protection to your products, vape packaging can be designed creatively to provide a wonderful customer experience.  It’s not only about protection, rather packaging plays a significant role in marketing your brand to a large audience. For this, design a vape cartridge packaging box in a way that enhances your product display. First of all, use the best quality material. Work on the external as well as the internal design of your vape box. Add-on some additional features like inserts, die-cuts or hanging, etc to provide a better customer experience.

For luxury, never forget to design your vape packaging with attractive finishing effects. This layering does not only make your vape boxes more attractive but also more practical and safe to use. For example, lamination can make them resistant to water and humidity and add a smooth feel. Other interesting options include embossing, aqueous coating, metallic foiling, and a lot more. Vape is the items that are often carried from one place to another. You can design their containers in the form of carrying kits to provide a wonderful customer experience. These kits resemble a wallet and are secured by a zipper. This packaging is smaller in size and can be placed conveniently in a handbag or a pocket.

Focus on Sustainability:

With the rise in global warming and other environmental issues, different businesses have started an initiative to reduce packaging waste. Sustainable packaging does not only meet the latest trends but also look highly adorable. it provides a series of benefits to the businesses. It improves your brand image by highlighting your concern that your business cares for the environment. Moreover, you can recycle it a couple of times without compromising on its quality and strength.

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