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Seven Steps to Write Plagiarism-Free Content for Your Freelancing Projects

Before we start sharing with you the six steps to write plagiarism-free articles, we want to make sure, you know what is plagiarism.

It is not about writing a copied piece and claiming it is your work. If someone asks you if it is your “own work”, and you confidently answer “yes”, it is plagiarism.

  1. Avoid Copyrighted words 

The first step, to not use copyrighted works. This is probably the hardest step of all. This may sound simple, but people will misuse this. Simply because they have nothing more to lose by using the word than you do. 

If you are tempted to use copyrighted words in your article, simply think of all the people who will be upset by you using their words.

Not only the upset, but the original copyright holders may also send the copyright strike to protect their words. For this, you should be aware of which words are copyrighted and which are legally allowed to use. 

  1. Use Paraphrasing Tool

The second step, use a paraphrasing tool. You might think that this means to use quotes from your sources. This is worse than using only words from your article. This way, even if you use a paraphrasing tool, someone reading your article could still get the idea.

A paraphrasing tool is a great way of making your content unique especially when you have less time and more work. 

For example, to meet the deadline of submitting the assignments, freelance writers usually have to paraphrase their work to avoid delay as well as plagiarism in their submission. 

Paraphrasing Tool uses advanced techniques using algorithms to change the words of the source and create fresh content for your project. 

Remember, even a single percent of plagiarism can create a rejection in your project and it can cost you a lot of problems. So, paraphrasing the copied content can maintain the same thoughts but create a difference between both writings. 

  1. Use unique wording for your writing 

The third step, use unique and different words. This is very important because sometimes, it will become difficult to understand an article when reading from an article with similar words. 

This is especially so if you’re writing for a class. If you have an idea of how to use a concept, why not write about it?

In case, if you are in lack words then using an online thesaurus will help you a lot. It will help you to find the synonyms that could make a difference between the original and you’re writing. 

  1. Introduce something new 

The fourth step, write something new. People are going to see your article and ask you questions. If you give answers in your article that are similar to other articles that you’ve read, then there is a big possibility that people will question your originality. 

So be original and deliver the content in a clear and precise manner. Do not resort to cribbing and plagiarizing other articles.

This is only possible through understanding your topic perfectly by wide research using different sources. Reading multiple sources will increase your ideas and this way, you can make something new and unique. 

  1. Write on unique titles

The fifth step, use unique and original titles. This is the most important one because people need to know what your article is all about. Unique and original titles lure readers and keep them reading. People have to start somewhere.

If you continuously write on what most of the websites have already written, it will be difficult for you to rank. 

In the freelancing case, it will be difficult for your project’s acceptance because most of the clients look for a unique piece of writing. 

Upon searching the query on the search engine, you can see that each of the ranked blogs has unique titles. Although the concept of each blog post is the same but still, the titles are unique. 

  1. Use Primary keywords in your title 

The sixth step, use the keywords in your titles. This is the toughest step because many people use generic terms when they write an article. You need to provide a catchy title. 

You need to determine the main point of an article and then use the keywords in the article. The keywords should also be used in the body of the article.

When using a new keyword, it will create if different from the other articles whether you have copied some of the section or writing unique from the scratch. 

  1. Proofread and check plagiarism 

The seventh step, re-write your article if needed. After following all the previous steps, you might find that some sentences are still not right or plagiarized. You can use online tools like Grammar checker for grammar mistakes and plagiarism checker for checking duplicate content.  

In this case, you have to rewrite them until you are sure that they are clear. When re-writing an article, make sure to avoid copying and pasting another person’s work. If you do so, it will be considered plagiarism, and the plagiarism checker easily detects it.


Remember that you can use articles from the Internet, books, and other sources. Just be sure not to copy the whole content. Also, make sure not to submit the same article more than once. 

It is okay to incorporate your ideas and points but you can only use them once in the same article. Do not overdo it.

Writing articles is easy but it pays to be consistent. If you are consistent with writing articles, you will be able to create amazing results for your online business. 

People do not like to read articles that are copied from other sites, so if you want to use free articles that are not plagiarized, you have to make sure that you do not copy every single word or phrase.

You can learn how to write articles that are not plagiarized in just a few minutes. All you need is a guide to help you understand the process and you will be able to write your content. Once you have a grasp of how this all works, it will not take long before you begin to produce results.

The best part about creating your content is that you can use it to promote your site or your product. As long as you follow these six steps to write plagiarism-free content, you will be able to get results. The results may surprise you.

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