Is it Worth Buying Extended Warranty for an iPhone?

People who buy an iPhone spend a lot on the device in the first place. They also worry about warranty coverage for such a device if it glitches, or faces issues in the future. A way to gain some respite and peace is to opt for an extended warranty plan that covers potential phone issues.

For anyone who owns or wants to buy an iPhone, they know a great deal of expense invested in making it happen. Apple banks on its great features and its positioning to sell its phones, and there are millions who want to buy an iPhone, and save their hard-earned cash to boast about buying one of the most coveted phones on the planet.

If you want to buy a new iPhone, or have recently bought one, it’s a good idea to check iPhone warranty. When you are buying the gold standard in phones, this is the least you can do. Nonetheless, it is still a device and can face problems in the future.

How do you secure yourself from spending more on repairs, after you’ve already spent so much to begin with? There’s an easy solution — you make the most of extended warranty benefits.


When you buy an iPhone, the phone comes with one year of standard warranty. This simply means that the phone is covered against damages from manufacturing defects. It also means that Apple assures you of free technical support within the year that you buy the phone.


It’s important to check the iPhone warranty when you buy your phone and know what it covers. Given that your phone can manifest problems at any time, and you really cannot predict when with such a high-end device, it’s prudent to avail of extended warranty benefits.

As a result, you will be financially secured in case your iPhone needs any additional repairs beyond the standard brand warranty. The extended warranty starts the moment your brand warranty comes to an end.

AppleCare Protection

You can extend the warranty for your iPhone with a plan from Apple called AppleCare Protection, which you can purchase by clicking on “Settings” on your phone. The plan extends your coverage for two years after the standard warranty expires.

Nonetheless, this specific plan can be crucial, as it covers damages and repairs that standard warranty won’t. There’s a catch though; you will need to find out if your iPhone is eligible to avail of the extended warranty benefits.

In the event you find that your particular phone isn’t eligible, you can buy the extended warranty from a third party service.

What Apple’s Extended Warranty Covers

Apple is not only known for its pioneering smartphones. It is also a leader in customer care and support. The standard warranty offers 90 days of diagnostic support, as well as repairs stemming from manufacturing defects. With the extended warranty, besides the tenure of two years, you get expert support from people who know your iPhone the best.

Most experts can resolve your issues just by talking to you on a call. This special coverage lets you add up to two circumstances of damage by accident, giving you protection from accidental spills and falls every 12 months (within the two-year period). Each incident is subject to a service fee of 2,500 INR if the screen gets damaged, or 8,900 INR for any other kind of damage.

You may think this isn’t worth it, as you have to pay a hefty service fee, but you are assured of original Apple parts and components, as well as fully adept Apple technicians. Plus, it works out cheaper than buying a brand new phone as your Plan B.

Extended Warranty Options

In the event that you don’t want to avail of an extended warranty from Apple itself, you can always choose to avail of an extended warranty, with coverage of up to 3 years from institutions such as Bajaj Finserv.

The Bajaj Finserv extended warranty covers repairs to the phone from authorized service centers, and other plus points include no interest fees or service charges. Another major reason to opt for the Bajaj Finserv extended warranty is that you don’t have to pay cash upfront for repairs, along with doorstep pick-up and drop facilities.

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