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Approaches to bring in cash by selling pictures online

A popular and practical approach to bring in cash by selling pictures on the web:

Who doesn’t like to take pictures? Everyone always wants to capture something around him. But, the images taken remain in storage. It is of no use except to see oneself or show it to others.

But, you can earn money from the pictures you take if you want. In that case, you have to sell the photos you took. And, you don’t need any special skills to deal with these pictures.

Yet, for some reason, the people around us are not very interested in it. The question remains whether he is interested or not.

However, here we will discuss in detail how to make money by selling pictures online.

For making money online, you must have skills or products that you can sell online. 

Image registration and quality verification

If you want to bring in cash by selling pictures on any website, you must first register by filling the specific form for each website. Next, you need to submit a certain number of images you have taken to the website or create a portfolio to verify your work quality. After completing these steps, there will be a test. Photos that you pass will be allowed to appear on the website.

Who bought the pictures? And why buy?

Various advertising agencies, corporates, media, blogs, and online businesses buy pictures because these pictures are essential to use in their work.

Almost all types of pictures can be sold here. In this case, the photograph’s content can be nature, travel, food, decoration, education, medicine, movement, vehicles, equipment, social and family relations, etc. Copyright-free images are required for the institutional work of various organizations.

If the image is taken directly from Google Image Search, there is a risk of copyright issues. Therefore, various organizations buy copyright-free images from the online image market without taking shots now from Google.

How much can you earn from selling pictures?

If you sell pictures on different websites, a part of the money you will earn will be given to you as an honorary owner of the photographs. Various websites sell pictures online through their different subscription packages.

In this case, the package’s price is determined based on daily or monthly pictures. However, according to different marketplaces or websites, 20 to 60 percent of the image sales are paid to the owner as an honorarium.

But, if a seller sells a specific picture on a particular website, he can get more respect from there. If a seller sells a particular image on different websites, its reputation can be reduced.

In this case, even if the amount of honor is less, there is no difficulty. It is because the sales volume is higher due to the sale of pictures on different websites. As a result, it is possible to bring in cash more by selling prints in other marketplaces than selling to a specific market.

Things to keep in mind when making money by selling pictures

There are several things you need to keep in mind before you start selling pictures. The issues are-

  1. Know the marketplace terms well before registering.
  1. Get an idea about the quality and type of pictures by looking at the available images in different marketplaces.
  1. Be aware of the image height-width ratio and resolution.
  1. Make sure that the amount of light in the picture is appropriate.
  1. After purchasing the image, make sure that the buyer does not need to edit the image too much.
  1. Knowing how to withdraw money from Bangladesh.
  1. Know in advance what percentage they will give you as an honorarium.
  1. Knowing how many days you can withdraw money.
  1. Know the minimum amount you can withdraw in case of withdrawal.

Online photo market

There are many marketplaces or websites online to bring in cash by selling pictures. The terms and conditions of working on one of these websites are the same. Some of them have millions of images sorted by category for display on the website.

In this case, it is good to know that the number of buyers who will buy pictures online is not less.

Some of the websites that can sell pictures online are discussed below.

One to three RF

You need to open an account as a content contributor on One to Three RF’s website. Then, you need to upload the photos you took there.

Then, whenever someone downloads your picture from this website, you will be paid 60 percent commission from there.

500 prime

You need to open your account in 500 Prime first. Then, from there, you have to get your pictures licensed.

Now upload your photos on the website. Then, start earning money by selling your pictures.

500 Prime payments are made through PayPal. So, if possible, open a PayPal account.


Alami, an excellent website for selling pictures. Once you have an account as a content contributor here, you will start uploading your photos.

They will give you a 50% commission as soon as your pictures are sold on this website.

Animals Animals

There are very few websites to sell pictures of nature and different animals. Animals are one of them.

Here, after every picture you take is sold, they will give you a 50% commission.


Bigstock is a website that not only uploads a photo, here you can build your portfolio as a photographer if you want.

Here you will be paid for your photo depending on the customer’s download planning.


Corbis now includes Getty Images. Here you can sell your photos as well as video and audio.

Getty Images does not specify the amount of money spent on the sale of the image or the revenue from your photo. In this case, you need to find out by contacting their support section.


Fotolia is a website famous for selling pictures. However, it bought Adobe stock last year. If you sell each of your photographs in Fotolia, you get 33% of its earnings.

Image Vortex

There are several types of image cortex. Here, you can upload your photos by category.

Once your photos are uploaded here, they will be ready for sale. Then, after each image is sold, you will get a 75 percent commission.

ING image

The ING Image website is primarily employed as a content contributor. In this case, you need to mail them your email with your portfolio and background information.

Also, there are several more awesome websites for selling pictures besides these. These are- Pickhit, Pond Five, Shutter Stock, Smag Mug, Stocked Photos, Stock Food.


The details mentioned above are how you can earn money by selling pictures at home. However, why is it late? Start bringing in cash today by selling photographs online. If you have online marketing knowledge, you will generate revenue by selling pictures online.  


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